I don't normally do this but...

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I have a confession to make. I used a dirty damn bid bot and I'm not proud of it but I believe I have a perfectly rational explanation.

First, some background. Have you read the latest Steemitblog post


Then I decided to take a look at the ol' postarooni

This was over an hour and a half long twitch stream which a considerable amount of work was performed. Proof-of-Brain was exhibited. It has memes (Custom Suprised Pikachu w audio, Supa Hot Fire, We'll Be Right Back and Confused Math lady), green screen and the wit of at least a couple Steem blockchain characters. (To include yours truly)


The problem is this post is well under the defined threshold so I decided to promote it just above that threshold and suddenly feel the need to take a long cold shower + scrub my body with course pumice stones. It's not a good feel...

But there's a catch so read on, my friend.


Everything that exceeds the amount I spent will be donated to the @steemflagrewards account as that is where the power is needed in my humble opinion. Here's the deal. As the primary bot maintainer and dev of SFR, I've already been getting paid peanuts. Now, that @utopian-io is gone and the curve is in effect, I will be downgraded to sunflower seeds. #feelsbadman

In conclusion, I must say I am sorry if you are disappointed in me. Being that the 50:50 curation change to my knowledge is not yet in effect. That post will likely be a one-off. I'll let this post right here be if it doesn't reach threshold.

I just had to let yall know where I was coming from.

On a separate, we will kick off another Jackbox stream tomorrow. It was relatively my most successful Twitch stream so we'll keep it going. I still could use a bit of polish in my presentation but think I am picking it up pretty quick. My handle is agentofwrath314. We had about 10 people join the game and it was great fun.

Note: Inappropriate humor crops up every now and again. These are not for the easily offended.


Cookies? You can't claim that unless you made a deal with @torico for the COOKIES token.

no such deal was made. claim of dark cookies is false advertising and plagiarizing the cookie emoji.

@anthonyadavisii, how dare you sir!!!

I'm so sorry. Now I must pay cookie penance but how?!

I promise I'll leave Santa extra cookies this Christmas.

The good kind too. White Mac. Not going to cheap Oatmeal Raisin. That would only extend my sentence

At your mercy...

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damn dude, not only bid bot abuse, but also plagiarism - is everything ok with you?

You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.


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buy my cookie token. good deal, i give u bargain... :P


I am now a proud owner of 58 COOKIE tokens.

I'm trying to lose weight (hello middle age) so I'll probably work on giving these things out.

So, how does it work? Mind dropping me a link to an explanatory post

The rewards curve is changing. We expect posts that would make more than 20 STEEM under the old rules to earn more after the changes. Those posts that would have made less than 20 STEEM under the old rules will receive less after the changes.

I see this as highly unlikely. With the current distribution of rewards, I would expect posts that earn more than 50 Steem under the old rules to earn more and posts with less than 50 Steem to earn less. If rewards become far more evenly distributed between posts, this 20 Steem equilbrium between curves is possible. This would require far less use of bid bots, limited circle jerking, and frontrunning.

On a positive note, the rewards will only be slightly lower. I estimated a reduction of about 2 Steem for posts earning around 15 Steem under the old rules. This is not taking into account SPS and 50/50 curation.

Most non-linear curves have this problem. Sigmoid curves are less problematic in this regard but create other strange relationships depending on voting patterns. I wrote about the 2e12 rewards curve about 2 months ago in my post 'Taking a closer look at the EIP 2e12 Reward Curve'.

That'd be Sargassum seeds, lol, and from what I hear after HF21 the harvest needed for growth just won't be there....lol.

You are in luck!
The price of #1 pumice should be going down.

I'm hoping the flagging keeps us from being pay to play.
I'm betting that large numbers of current users give up.
The game just became pointless, for most of us.

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