Steempress witness update: Hard fork 24 support and contributions

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Hello everyone. This is a post to indicate that the steempress witness is supporting and running hard fork 24, as well as a summary of what contributions we have made towards it. Finally, we have a bit of a surprise.

HF 24 header.png

Our contributions:

Since the idea for Hive was first introduced, we have been actively involved in its core development and testing.

Below are some of the work that we have done on the blockchain over the past months in collaboration with other top witnesses specifically for HF24:

Additionally, we have also organized multiple meetings with other core developers to discuss and plan what work to do.


During the development of the features mentioned above, we also did a lot of testing. This included the creation of multiple testnets and documentation on how to join the testing efforts. Thanks to this, we were able to find bugs that are now fixed.

As always, we have also enouraged others to join in testing new forks. Thus we also provided a guide to help make it easier for other community members to participate.


Last, but certainly not least, with the Hive blockchain removing all references to Steem in the new fork, so will we!

A new plugin with a new name, new brand identity, new website, and several new features will go live together with HF 24, or shortly after, once we have played our part as a witness to ensure a successful implementation of HF24. Steempress will continue to run normally as a witness despite the new name for the plugin.

We hope you'll be as excited about it as we are! :)

Happy hardfork!
@Fredrikaa and @Howo


Nice work and looking forward to the rebrand ahead - HoneyPress? :D

Thanks! I think it's a lesson learned not to put the platform's name in the brand😛

I think you should stick to your guns and go with, HiveyMcHiveface

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Yeah! Great news about the rebrand folks and thanks for the continued work and development on the HIVE blockchain! Looking forward to HivePress (or whatever you will call it)!

Thank you! Only a few more days before we launch it😉

Sweet! Will we need to install a new plugin for WordPress or will it just be an update of the existing plug-in?

The old one will continue to wok for a while. But it would be best if you installed the new one:)

Thanks, this was going to exactly my question.

This was also going to be my question. So thanks for asking @nickyhavey!

No worries! Looks like a brand spanking new plugin is on the way!

Indeed. Can't wait for the big reveal!

So glad to see this update. You have my vote anyway but I really feel that your project is one of the most underutilised apps that we have on hive.

Having the ability to connect an existing blog to the chain and add monetary value, views, interaction and immutability is massive.

With the right marketing and ease of application for blog owners ther is no reason we shouldn't have 1m blogs connected to hive. It makes no sense not to do it. They just need to be shown why.

Excited? I think this pretty much sums it up... 😂

As you say, Traci! You some how always produce the perfect gif!

Thank you !!!

This is fantastic news @Fredrikaa and @Howo. At the risk of repeating myself, this is one of the best dapps on the blockchain.

Thank you for all your hard work on the plugin, the hardfork and as witnesses.

Thank you so much for the continued support :)

I'm curious about the new name :)

curious about that @exxp plug-in for wordpress, you still around?

@fredrikaa, @howo, @steempress, @exxp

Hello! I used to use Steempress a couple of years ago, but communities weren't really a thing then. Now most of my posts go into communities. I was just wondering if I could post to communities via your wordpress plugin? I'm assuming that I would just use the "hive-12345" as the first tag, but I want to be sure before I spend money on a new website.

Thank you for your time! 😊

Yes, that works :)

Yay! Thank you. 🙂


Hullo! I'm sorry to bother you, but I tried posting to a community with the plugin and it didn't work. I ended up having to cross-post it into the community instead.


I included the tag when posting.


And the tag is there on the post on Peakd, but it's not actually in the community. Did I do something wrong?

Thank you for any help!

Gracias por tu voto 😊. BENDICIONES!!!