The harmony of the mountains

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Hello steemit, maybe like me some of you at a time of your childhood felt that curiosity to understand the why of the mountains, I remember that a very particular day when I was walking with my mother to a very emblematic state of my country Venezuela, the Been Merida, in that trip visualizing the imposing mountains I was surprised and I asked my mother what they were.

Her answer at that moment I still have it engraved in my memory, she with that look of sweetness gave her answer, saying those are mountains, which each day give us a harmony to fill us with tranquility and peace, also captivate the entire universe, allowing May the eyes of the sun be upon them every day.

As every child I am interested in learning more about that fact, so I asked him how it was that the mountains made their harmony. His answer was that through the sprinkling that was born every day with the sun the mountains cast their splendor ... every day as the stars erased and the clarity arrived, accompanied by a subtle humidity. You can see a transparent veil of sweetness, like cold powder of stars. I was surprised with that answer, every time I passed that route my desire was to enter those mountains to listen and see everything my mother had described to me.

Now as a young man, he observed the impact of his stories in my life, every time I listen to the wind in my travels I remember his experiences, which invite me to be shipwrecked in them. The truth stories captivate the being of each child inviting the imagination to create and experience the existence of human life.

@Dakamu has given his whole life.

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