Your artwork is just lovely. I really do like it.

The story is magnificent, and just plain fun with a great message also.

The two together are darn near magical.

A one armed guy with a shotgun is a tough mother (there are some words that go after that, you are on your own.) . My Uncle could shoot a rifle if needed but I just happen to know that he never tried a shotgun after one took his arm. Which makes me think I'd have at least tried the cornfield. I loved the time when the corn was taller and I was in the canopy.

I can still just barely walk past mature cat tails without putting some in the wind...

Thank You so much!! This piece of art has a lot of meaning to me so it makes me happy you love it too.
Yes, you9 never went right alone....and it was mostly on a dare when you did. LOL Old guys and shotguns are scary :D but make for great stories! I wonder if he knew that?

I love how us older people have outside places we called special.

I love the painting and the story. The hairdo reminds me of Pippi Longstocking, and makes me smile. Everyone should have a stump in the forest for sitting and thinking and talking to God. I often played in a grove of very small trees on a slope back of our house. We had a creek, too, but I wasn't allowed to go play there alone until I was a bit older. I think my mother was worried I would slip on one of the rocks and fall in and hit my head and drown. I would have had the same concerns for my own children.

I'm not saying you could not have drowned but the chances are about 1 in 1 million. In the summer it really was a trickle of water

Thank YOU for the great compliment!!!!

You are getting better and better! Nicely done, keep on keepin on sister.

Thank YOU!!

it means a lot that you think I am getting better!!

Had something similar down by the lake - minus the church - but was a place of solace and endless imagination. Many a snake, crawdad and other critters were caught between the edge of the field's entrance and the shore of the crick that led to the lake. Sweet picture to go with the story 🤗

Thank you!!!

It is good to have that kind of childhood memory to think back on and know all was not lost.

It makes me happy to know I helped you remember being 7 :D

Natural sanctuaries are the best ones in my opinion. The house we lived in until I was 6 had a willow in the backyard. I remember swinging on those branches all of the time while doing my best Tarzan call. 😊

Willow trees are the best trees as a kid :D they are the perfect climbing tree and so on......

It makes me happy to know you had one too growing up!!

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lovely work!

Awww I love this ❤️