Marketing Update | Landing Page, DUAT Claim Stats, and Brand Guidelines

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Hello community!

It has been a very productive and emotional week for the Ragnarok NFT game community, where the developers and the creative team of the project have worked together to make the Claim Drop happen. The purpose of this post is to share the marketing efforts made in recent days.

The main goal we set is:

"Ease the claim process for the Hive community".

These are the key activities we performed to achieve this:

  • Build the Ragnarok landing Page

The objective of building this landing page for the game is to share basic information about the project so that the community can be aware of the next steps and have the information in one place.


A small team was organized and proceeded to create the page through WordPress.

Collaborators: @samgiset, @josegrech, @enrique89 and, @eddiespino.

  • We created an alternate website to claim DUAT tokens.

We thought it was necessary to have an alternate site for the community to claim the DUATs token. We proceeded to create an open source website, to claim the tokens. This site has two pages, one where you can claim and another where you can check your balance.



  • Statistics of the Website:


Brand Guidelines

We made a Brand Book with all the key elements to communicate with the Ragnarok NFT Game brand.

In order to generate communication campaigns that have congruence, it is necessary to have a basic guide on how to use the graphic elements of the brand, which is why with the help of @josegrech, we made a brand book available to the entire community.

Here are some images of the brand book:





Download the lite brand book:


Thanks to everyone who has participated in the project, our commitment is to continue sharing all the progress.

Stay tuned to our publications.

"Discover Ragnarok NFT Game"

Key activities for the next few days with the campaign "Discover Ragnarok NFT Game" .

  • Activate other communication channels to start with SEO strategies.
  • Engage with the community.


You can read more about Ragnarok here.

Ragnarok is engulfing all realms, and no mythology is safe. This means you will have Norse, Greek, Egyptian, etc. Ragnarok will be a highly competitive game! It involves chess, poker, and PvP elements!


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137 000 Maximum unique visitors per day in the previous 30 days is very good. Probably this game will be a big hit. We will see whether it will be anything close (or even bigger than) Splinterlands.

The power of wishful thinking :)

I think you read that number wrong. 137k is different than 1.37k

They had 1370 visitors on their best day. Not bad but not close to 137000


You are right. The correct number is indeed 1370. Still not bad, but indeed not close to 137 000.


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Okay, is that hoodie available yet?

good stuff. I'll follow the marketing efforts closely. It would be neat if we can get an avatar to put on our hive profiles.

Am impressed at the progress of the game, well done guys!

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Website is looking top notch !

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Great to see real steps taken forward and shared with the community. Ragnarok brand is growing steadily and I think it will put its mark on the blockchain gaming stage. I wonder if there is any roadmap for what's to come...?

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Very nice! Looking forward to seeing what comes out next

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Great to see so much work being done, This is one game I may suck at but excited for at the same time 😃

This is all very exciting! Thanks for all the work you all have been putting into this game, I can't wait to read more and play.

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This is one game I want to see launch. Great to see you guys working on your UI/UX. A couple of persons complained about their claimdrop experience. Kudos to you guys for all the work

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Cool to see the developments of the game... it helps to wait until we can finally play 😀

As someone who missed Splinterlands in its beginning, I hope to jump into Ragnarok bandwagon early

Greetings, I'm new to hive. I started in February. I'm not eligible for the claim. I know that, but how can I get the token to play?

They will enable market so that you can buy it from other players.

Excellent progress!

I have a feeling that it will be a great nft game, I see a lot of future for the project, I will be reading more about it, but thanks to the support it is having it is growing a lot.

Its nice to see the unique visits in the thousands.

Considering the game is in very early stages things are looking promising.

Hey dear ragnarok team, I just was scrolling through opensea collections and found a possible conflict of interest here
Will this in any form be a problem?

I can not wait to stream this game on my twitch channel... I am so pumped about this game

I am excited with this. Can't wait to see how it will turn up, sorry to see you have less Hive Power.
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