Ragnarok Landing Page & HiveChat Summary


Hello Hivers!

We are happy to announce that we already have a landing page with basic information about the game, it is worth mentioning that this page is not the official page where the game will be, but it will work as an informative site.

On this website, you will get the basic information about the game with all the useful links to have all the information shared so far. This landing page was created by the @HiveCreators team and is in its testing phase and will be updated soon.

You can visit the landing page by clicking on the following link:



We show images related to the landing page.

Game features


The art


Claim Drop Information


We continue to advance in constructing new tools to be connected to the game's development. If you have a suggestion to help improve the landing page, you can leave it in this post's comments.

HiveChat Summary

We want to take advantage of this announcement to thank everyone who participated in the most recent HiveChat, held this 04-19-2022. An average of 20 Hivers participated. Five questions were asked, and some doubts were clarified. In a general way, we share the tweets that were made with you.

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The big event is just around the corner:

Ragnarok Claim Token

We thank you all for your continued support, and we are very excited for the future of Ragnarok and Hive!


You can read more about Ragnarok here.

Ragnarok is engulfing all realms, and no mythology is safe. This means you will have Norse, Greek, Egyptian, etc. Ragnarok will be a highly competitive game! It involves chess, poker, and PvP elements!


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I have to say this is one cool beautiful looking page and I'm excited for the drop! I also am loving the way you are launch and hyping this up with questions on social media. Hats off on the well structured launch so far and good work! Look forward to playing this and the value it brings to hive.

Thank you @bitcoinflood! We appreciate your support and your kind words! The team is working hard to make Ragnarok a successful game.

Hey, I can figure out how to claim RCT Airdrop on https://spk.dlux.io/

Or is it not LIVE yet ?

EDIT: NVM By reading the comments I realized that the drop is not live yet.
I'm so excited I literally can't wait :D

There have been some changes. The actual claim will be on another site. We have two that we are preparing.

An announcement post will all the details should come out soon. Thank you for your patience.

it is looking pretty good and i think this image is what we are all thinking


This will be the first game which I plan to try, do we claim all tokens at once ? And do they just sit in our wallet, till the game lunches ? May be provide some incentives to not sell them ?

We have a couple of sites almost ready to make the claims.

People can choose to hold or sell. It will depend if they want to play the game or not. Thank you for your comment!

It looks so damn good! I am in love with the overall aesthetic of Ragnarok so far. I am hyped for this one and I'm ready for that claim drop!

Thank you Daltono!

The Claim Drop announcement should be up soon.

Also wanted to point out what I believe is a small spelling error on the web page. I am pretty sure it was meant to say devastated.

Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 1.46.26 PM copy.png

The page looks great! Can't wait for the drop.

Good luck with your claim drop launch, just hours left!

Thank you! We will have another update about the claim drop soon. We are finishing the final details.

It's a beautiful looking page there, we're anticipating the release, pending the gradual development of the game. This is going to be one hell of a game, can't wait.

Thank you @josediccus! Working hard to reach all the goals.

The art of this game somewhat reminds me of Hearthstone, which is not a bad thing. It has a pleasant graphics.

Thanks! The team is working to make the art great.

I'm excited for this I have to admit! Things are going to heat up on the Hive blockchain again!

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The page looks very nice and the mouse icon is very stylish. I really loved the page and my excitement has increased even more now. I'm looking forward to the launch of Airdrop and I'm really excited.

I'm also looking forward to the launch of the game.

Let the excitement begin!

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Hey! Thank you! We are glad you like the page!

Stay tuned the claim drop announcement is coming soon!

Nice article about the game and can't wait for it to be launch

The landing page looks slick, loving it and excited for the 5 hours from now claim drop.

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Thank you! The claim may take a little e bit more, we are finishing the last details.

It is worth the wait!

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this is one cool beautiful looking page. Look forward to playing this and the value it brings to hive.😍😘
#leofinance LFG! !HBIT #NFT @jaminsfrank

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I love how it looks and I’m a huge fan already… maybe just a little time to expect it. Looking forward to the release

Excited to have those RCTs and their utilities !PIZZA


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I think the game will be great , but i hope that its won't cost a lots for playing it .


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It's 4/20! I just smoked a J and now want to claim some Ragnarok. What time will the claim period start?

Hey! We are preparing everything for the claim. We will issue another post soon.

This game looks really interesting. This is going to be the first game I am really going to love to explore in. My fingers are crossed.

Great post, looking forward to more updates and airdrop !1UP !PGM !PIZZA

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This sounds great!

I like so much