Ragnarok - Marketing Updates


Hey Hivers,

Ragnarok's development is going smoothly. The art is stunning, and the developers are doing a great job building gameplay and fixing bugs. We are very thankful for the wonderful support. We are now over 2,000 on Twitter and more than 1,000 on Hive.

Let's talk about marketing!

We have created a small team formed by marketers, graphic designers, and content creators. Some of them are also community leaders in Hive. We will fund the marketing efforts using the past and future author rewards generated by this account. The marketing strategies are focused on growing the game's community and brand awareness.

We will also create initiatives where the community will collaborate in the promotion of the game.

Expect many updates about the post, mainly:

  • Art Reveal
  • Development Logs
  • Marketing Updates

In a couple of days, we will start a power down, and we will use the available HBD on the account to pay for the emarketing. The rest (art and development) is funded by @theycallmedan.


You can read more about Ragnarok here.

Ragnarok is engulfing all realms, and no mythology is safe. This means you will have Norse, Greek, Egyptian, etc. Ragnarok will be a highly competitive game! It involves chess, poker, and PvP elements!


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Greetings, If I want to do marketing Ragnarok in my twitter and as a graphic designer if I post promotional tweets, is this will be appreciated by sir @theycallmedan

My twitter profile : https://twitter.com/SHOHANA_ONE

Promotional gif designed by me for steem,tron,wink,sun and more :

Progress being made.

SpkNetwork claim drop, marketing for Ragnarok. A lot of fun stuff going on.

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Sure are lots of posts

espero ansioso el juego😎

Ragnarok will be a highly competitive game! It involves chess, poker, and PvP elements!

Looks like you are tempting me to play game for the first time in my life - playing a game on laptop would be a new journey :)

It is really nice seeing the project move in a positive and progressive state and I believe many individuals will definitely benefit from it

Where can I see the project?

Ragnarok is coming a big way, it nice seeing the fully Commitment of the team. Keep up the good work

Any news when the NFT's will be droped?

Nice to see the progress being made seems so organic, Keep up the great work and i look forward to future news :)

Is there a beta version or some kind of tutorial or sandbox?

when cards airdrop?

World of games stlll grow up, great for those who love games

I am following this project with a lot of interest.

link to your twitter please? Thanks!

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When will the exchange(s) for the RCTs open up
and be ready for trading? And what is the estimated
"start value" of those RCTs, Hivians got with the snapshot/airdrop?
Thank you!

Is there a discord channel already for Ragnarok?