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Hello community!

The game's development is going smoothly, and we are getting close to a phase where we can invite many users to test the game. But first, we want to make a closed Alpha test with experienced gamers who have experience in Chess, Poker, and PVP games like Splinterlands and Heartstone and have a lot of patience to test.

For more info, check this Tweet by @theycallmedan:


Not all users will be selected as part of the alpha test.

The actual test may start in a couple of weeks.

We will share more updates about the game soon.


You can read more about Ragnarok here.

Ragnarok is engulfing all realms, and no mythology is safe. This means you will have Norse, Greek, Egyptian, etc. Ragnarok will be a highly competitive game! It involves chess, poker, and PvP elements!


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Not bad,

I really interested in the game mechanics.

You ARE really interested, good2see, makes it even sweeter for me.




Plz sir! allow me to test our game!

What is the balance of DUAT that you are looking for in a beta tester??

Which version of poker are you asking about?? haha!

This will be good! <3 :)

Juuuuuuuu super emocionado esperando este juego que promete y mucho no halló las horas de comenzar a jugarlo

your form needs clarification as to what duat means i put whatever i had to to make the form go through with zero context and even after googling it couldnt find any concrete definition of what you were looking for.

DUAT is the token that was claimed as part of the airdrop.~112 DUAT will be needed per NFT.

That is for the ingame nfts. They did an airdrop to all hive holder a couple of months ago. You can check your balance on the game page.

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What is DUAT? xD

i eventually found after looking at old posts of theirs that duat seems to be their ingame token purchasable with hive/hbd via dlux

Not knowing what DUAT is, is already a disqualifier :)

thats pretty closed minded to say. i saw the post, the game based on the description i read sounded interesting and ive been on steem/hive for like 4 years and decided to sign up for the alpha i even went and bought duat after finding out what it was and where to buy it even though at the time of signing up for the test i didnt due to them not clearly labeling what it was.
i qualified for all points of what they were looking for as well poker chess splinterlands and other nft game play and testing why in the hell should i be disqualified just cause i dont know a term thats not defined anywhere in this post or the form?

Don´t take it too serious. Anyway it is not me to decide.

And I don´t like being flagged just because I did a comment which you don´t like. Flagging is for spam & plagiarism, not for disliking other´s opinion!

Its not flagging.. its his own opinion lol..

It is. Opinions are better expressed with words, for this you don´t need a downvote.
Otherwise, the opinions of the whales would succeed, as they would obliterate all accounts with different opinions.

and yet you decided to be the better man and not do it to me for my actions right? no? oh well. i have zero power to hurt you with my vote take your disliked comment and move on like i am

Well, I am afraid otherwise you would not reconsider your behavior. Words alone have less impact. If you would remove your childish flag, I would remove mine too.

Ye I figured haha

DUAT is the token that was claimed as part of the airdrop.


Thank you for the useless answer :D

Pick me!

The game is going to be good. The tokenomics is great and there's poker too !

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Waiting for the release, the most anticipated game of the year.

Can't wait to see the game graphics and game mechanics... Keep up 😀

I can’t wait 😝 I am ready!!!

hey hey, Pick me! More importantly I`m QA game tester!

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I don't have any DUAT, I know what it is, but if people don't, then like me they should not be applying to be a tester!

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Did you not have any to claim from the airdrop? if not you can always buy some

I was late to the party, thanks for that link I will check it out and see how much they :)

Submitted. Can't wait to test it!

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This is gonna be Awesome. Congrats from Venezuela :D :P :)

i'll love to play it ,,, waiting anxiously,, i am not good cheesss but learning

I am ready to test it.

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Submitted. I want to test playing game.


Really looking forward to this game getting released.
I've submitted my name and hope to be playing it sooner rather than later.

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Amazing. i try do the test

Done. 😁

To interested token buyers btw:
Do not buy large quantities (10k+) of DUAT tokens at once. The sellbook seems to be regularly replenished with DUAT tokens at a fixed price after a certain amount of sold tokens. I have already lost quite a few hives because of this.


I don't know much about chess but I'm willing to try!


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wow. chess and poker on hive!!! bring it on!

Cannot wait for the game!

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Best of luck with the game
Have a successful week ahead
!ALIVE !CTP !PGM! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @benthomaswwd. (4/20)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Lookint awesome! Best of Luck to your Launch :)

I stream blockchain games, would love to stream this alpha testing and spread the word!

Filled. Let's gooooo

Me interesa, como puedo ser parte de la beta ? 🙏🏽

How does one participate in the Testing Phase

I would like to fill out the form, but it tells me that it violates the terms of service.

🙋 I can help

I am once a heavy heartstone player.count me in if it support smartphone.

I could play...chess. Not very good at poker, never learned the rules.

I'd like to be an alpha tester. I've played chess since I was a child, poker quite often, and have been in splinterlands since just about the beginning.

I really want to test this incredible game, I've been playing splinterlands for months and I love those kind of games. How can I apply to be beta tester? awesome job guys!

I play poker and chess. Seems right up my ally to test.

Did I miss the sign up ?

I can give you 3 or 4 hours a day for testing

Yeah, i want it now XD

What is going on with the project, is there another site I don't know about?

Screenshot 2022-08-09 at 1.53.20 PM.png

What I need to do to be able to participate in the test phase?

Hey @cryptosimplify! Join the Discord and ask for the role.

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