Wow! Never thought I would see a grill with wifi! Pretty cool though. You for sure stepped your game up 😁 I hope you enjoy it!

I wish you many congratulations for the new smoker, I hope you enjoy it very much. Seeing how tasty and appetizing your barbecue made me crave for it haha so that will be the menu I will prepare tomorrow to enjoy with the family.
I wish you a wonderful Sunday, best regards.

Wow you are making BBQ and I'm sure its tasty the way you processing it simply awesome. BBQ competition is a good concept but honestly I've never tried making BBQ, maybe next time I can try and think about it.

Congrats on the new smoker. I’ve never tried basting the inside with bacon fat before. I’ll give it a shot. My smoker is a hand welded one from a buddy of mine. I’ve had the thing over 20 years now. It still smokes like a beast though. But it doesn’t have any bells and whistles.

Meat Whisperer....😁. I'm dying. You drop kick your grill? We're getting to old for that. Never too old for 4lbs of bacon though.

BBQ at home, taste at your finger tip

Your new smoker looks really nice

Lol I hope that guy didn't sustain any injury. Congrats on your new smoker.

Oh yeah, I learned how to make a fire as child on a farm and you have yourself a smart job there.
My new one is miles smaller and no WiFi, so I will also be smoking soon.
Breaking in the smoker, or your shoulder with that tackle 😁

Here's my baby and you have the boss!

Don't laugh, as I know it's cheap, but I will soon make it sing.

Have a !BEER

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a good barbecue never goes wrong friend and more if we prepare it at home.

doing the barbecue and also enjoying a good view is great friend even if the grill broke

New grill looks sick. The wifi is just crazy. How much did it cost?

BBQ is a culture on its own. I am trying to get outdoors with some of my friends and do some epic BBQ together with shots of tequila and boxes of wines. Simply having a great time in nature, what else could you want...?

Ha Ha Ha that Barbeque beast is a beauty. The wifi thing is a plus. It saves you the trouble of going to check if the food is done.
Though I used to use it as a means of a bit of exercise that helps to work up an appetite ;) - The common excuse of those who do not have a wifi enabled BBQ

By the way what black paint did you use there.
Back in the day I had painted my mom's cooking oven and the paint not being temperature tolerant/ fire resistant made the house smell of burnt paint for quite a few days!
Happy BBQing

Wifi is a game changer!

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First for the guy who took the pains quite to quite literally craash into the BBQ...
Ouch I hope it did not hurt and yes you did make a crashing or shall I say smashing entry.
I had no clue that they have started putting a wifi in a BBQ super handy and cool I must say.