Crypto Chinese Yuan? Will it work? I don't think so......

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The PBOC has announced a new digital state issued currency to be implemented soon. The paper money all over the world is burning and the banking cabals know it's all gonna come down if they don't do something. One thing is for sure....the next ten years of money and how we all trade is going to be interesting.

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Let's see what happens with the general from Iran that got drone striked in Iraq...

Chinese been pushing for cashless and blockchain for real time watching the financial motivations and uses for it's citizens.

Well, isn't that just a little scary.


The way I see it, it will "work" because it's not being released as a medium of exchange for a free market, they will force their population to use it. They've already been pretty successful in doing so with alipay and wechat pay, it will be a cheaper infrastructure and transition for them to move to this digital yuan

Like you said it's going to eliminate any sort of grey economy where actual free trade can happen. I think they just bank on the fact that their citizens are willing to play ball with any shit they come up with for the "greater good" the indoctrinating is real


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when it comes to china its all a gimmick they just want to ruin this space too


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It could. Let's see what happens in 2020.

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That's a good information about Crypto currency...