HALVING MONTH! - Crypto Investing Strategy - May 2020

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Another month, another update on my cryptocurrency investing strategy. Enjoy!

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I am a bull too! I even think we are out of the bear market. Exchange listings are starting to cause pumps, which is a big indicator.

What about the bull run? when you are expecting it ?

The parabolic run typically starts following the halving, give or take a few weeks. Miner capitulation is a very real risk. But after that...you typically get a very nice run, peaking at the blow off top phase around 12-18 months later. That's if the future plays out remotely similar to the past!

Hopefully, it will play out this time too.

Do you think this halving will help Bitcoin to hit $15000 mark?
Because it sound undecided at times and confusing

Personally, not financial advice, I think the price will go way higher than $15000 within the next few years

May God spare our lives till then to witness it

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