[BANNED ON YOUTUBE] The Ultimate Guide to Getting FREE Bitcoin ($200+ Worth)

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Want free Bitcoin?

Well in this video, I've compiled the ultimate list of ways to get hold of some.

By my calculations, more than $200 could be made by following all of the methods listed.

Consider sharing this video with a friend as a low-risk way for them to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies!





Coinbase Earn

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DISCLAIMERS: Please read all terms and conditions related to each offer. There are affiliates links included in this list.

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ok ok ...a get it but dud...spening 100 and 100 of $ to get the "free" bitcoin is not free. your title should be how to boost your holdings. or something in this lines.

In theory, you can just recycle the same $100 between the websites 😃 But I see your point

this is true but..fees are going to eat up some of it on the way. "the problems of the little man"

Disagreement on Rewards. (Without affiliates links)

Great way to get people involved in blockchain knowledge.
Made my first crypto deal on coinbase, that led to crypto.com then to Hive.
Thanks for sharing!

hey I've been watching your videos for a long time looking forward to seeing what you do on this platform

Everybody want free money
Thanks for sharing

Good advice there @louisthomas

It's not banned on YT. This douchey kid is such a spammer and scammer!

You forgot to mention myworkoutarena.org

Myworkoutarena.org gives $200 Amazon Voucher which is not cryptocurrency, and you have about 1 out of 100 chances of winning. Regardless, the original poster only states the obvious about "free" cryptocurrencies.

you are burning rmsfitness tokens as well. submit your workouts you will see- your got 1 rmsfitness token as free. thank for the comment. what is your steemit nickname?

Thank you for your suggestion - I do really like to get physically fit (earning doing it is a plus). However, I prefer to be as private online as possible, so submitting videos or photos of myself is not an option. I hope you understand.
I joined Hive.blog directly just yesterday. I have not joined Steem.it due to its problems about being centralized and employing censorship.

Very cool 😎

I love the concept, why is there no such thing for HIVE? We might throw some Engine Tokens at them :p

It is most probably because there will be lots of Hive spammers who will be compensated if ever Hive provides free crypto.

I'm sure it is possible to spin fitting rules