New Bitcoin Valuation Model (S2FX) - $288,000 BTC Between 2020-2024?

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Plan B, famous for his original Stock to Flow valuation model for Bitcoin, has made some tweaks and iterations to create a new model called Stock-to-Flow Cross Asset (S2FX).

This new model leads to some unusually large valuation predictions for the price of Bitcoin, suggesting it could cluster around $288,000 between 2020-2024.

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Plausible. But I wonder what the narrative would be. The collapse of fiat? The response to the pandemic is wreaking havoc in the economy. As industries collapse and supply chains falter, central banks seem to be prepared for ensuring liquidity no matter what resulting in hyperinflation, which means that the ridiculous sounding valuations may not turn out to be as ridiculous compared to the price of bread, for instance.

For sure. Argentina and Lebanon are the warning signs of what might happen to many other parts of the world

the future of bitcoin is bright


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