When good leadership is lacking in a platform or system, the fall is near and can not be evitable. Am not surprised concerning steem been Turing to centralised as I have seen it a long time ago. But my disappointed is that where are all the good leaders in the steem. Why can not they stand up and fight as a leader. Well not all leaders are good and not all good leaders can stand up to fight

Sometimes it’s not about fighting, too.

Look at Gahndi or the Dalai Lama, for example. Perhaps those may even be the types of leaders - those leading by an example of peace and wisdom - that are needed even more than the fighters... 🙏

the leadership you mentioned help me to remember how steem started as a decentralised platform but now ended up as a centralised platform now due to bad leadership steem has then and probably now. my fear now is that sorry i will be mentioning hive but my fear now is that i hope hive will not end up as steem later in the future starting as a decentralised and later ending up as a centralised platform.

glad to see your face for the first time and thanks to hive also for influencing it. lol

I think those fears are unwarranted.

The fork was done with some changes so such a situation cannot happen again. We’ve upgraded our resilience, learning from the past to strengthen the new system. :-)

You have just breath a sense of hope and relieve to me with your comment respond

I must thank you for naming me in the introduction to your video, @rok-sivante. I'm crying. Because more than hearing your words and thoughts that I have been following for over a year, I am moved to finally see, for the first time, your face. You have been not only an inspiration in the greyest days, but also a support in the darkest days. While it is true that I did not need to see your face to thank you for so many good things, sometimes you have to get to know your heroes and leaders better. ;) Although I know that most heroes live in masks, to go unnoticed, it was good to see you in the rubble, my friend! ;) A brotherly greeting

You asked, you received.

Your welcome. It would not have come into being without you. Truthfully, I have no clue if anyone else will even end up watching it. I was about to comment, "no need for thanks," but I guess I did end up doing it for you in that sense, so it'd probably be silly to deny to the appreciation. Ha ha.

Thank you for drawing me out of my comfort zone, and for this feedback of appreciation and to let me know what it meant to you.

Of everyone who's come and gone leaving comments on my writings, I've always had a soft spot in my heart for yours, and am humbled to hear/read this. ☺️🙏💖🥂

I enjoyed watching your video. These are definitely interesting times. It is hard to believe where we have ended up in just a matter of months. Although, I am sure it can be argued it was a gradual climb to this point over the years. Some probably saw it coming, others did not.

I appreciate the feedback. Pretty self-conscious at this point, having done so little video, so it means alot. 🙏

Probably seems like this is the first time you will post video on 3speak