Hive Keychain (Beta)~ How to for Oldish People

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If you have read the post Hive Keychain (Beta) is ready by @stoodkev and are still confused about how to add the Hive Keychain to you Chrome browser the above video should answer all of your questions.


YouTube for those in Need

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I have just started using PEAKD. It was a awkward at start, but I'm really starting to like it 👌

Same. I just never made the switch before. There are still a few features I need to go back to for. Is there a generic trending page on peakd?

Yes there is ... it's called All Topics.
There is a trending page for every single topic
But when you select "All Topics" then it gives you "trending" for every post on hive.


There really should be nothing on or any other interface that doesn't have. If so let us know.

Awesome! Thanks @jarvie. I am still getting use to where everything is on peakd. I also only use my phone to interact with the blockchain so some things that might be obvious on a computer might display slightly weird on my phone. Although, so far, peakd is really user friendly.

Oh, actually, the only thing I cannot seem to do on peakd is create a community. Is that possible? I am sure it is and I am missing it. It could be a phone thing.

Ahhh yes... it's a phone thing. Sorry. We got some things to add to mobile i'm guessing.

Oh. No worries. I have been only using my phone for almost 3 years. It has gotten soooooooooo much better over the years.

I would like to know this too.

I use both frontends on Hive but like the simplicity of

Ohh. You have to click explore and then topic to get to the generic pages.

Oh thank You!!

I was so confused before now after watching this it's done in a jiffy thank you for such a nice demonstration!


Thank YOU for letting me know watching it helped you!!!

how to install this extension in my firefox?

I do not have firefox downloaded on my computer but watch the video and see if anything is the same.

i did, but that package not suitable for firefox.

you have to choose the firefox package.

Click here and download the extension for firefox

use this one.JPG

Thanks for the tutorial.
Does the chrome version works to login into

Thanks @snook. Bookmarked

Oldish? Really? I resemble that remark.

ขอบคุณสำหรับ ข้อมูลดีๆครับ

You are welcome :)

Hive Keychain is buggy on Brave browser (Linux), often crashes and doesn't allow the importing of keys.

I am sure they are working on it.

I do not think programers have gotten much sleep.......

yes, patience.
I'm posting my comment as a bug report rather than a complaint.

This is great for young-ish people too.
Thanks! Very helpful, especially since I am finding the Hive Blog quite glitchy at this point (no wallet, trouble uploading images...etc).

I agree. I am having to learn Peakd but the format of it gives me a headache so I bounce back and forth between and Peakd

2 Minutes following along and I was installed this was sooooooo Helpful!
I'm sharing it everywhere.


SO HAPPY to hear this!!!

I did it thank you for your help!!!!


You are welcome!!