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  1. At the beginning, old witnesses made a soft-fork secretly without any community consensus to freeze Steemit's funds that could potentially against their benefits.
    -> I think this was the biggest shit I've ever seen in blockchain world

  2. Steemit took over all main witnesses to roll-back the secret update
    -> It's not good - making the situation worse, but I would do that too if someone take my assets I bought at millions of dollars

  3. One guy made 22.4444 version which is exactly the same version as `22.5, but saying that "this is a protest"
    -> I don't get this logic at all. I see that sounds like "OK I will un-freeze your funds, so please give my witness position back". However, it worked on most members in Steem community and the propaganda begins.

  4. Steemit didn't give the witness position back to the old witnesses
    -> Why would they?

  5. Old witnesses finally decided to hard-fork.
    -> This is what they should've done from the first place if they didn't like Steemit's recent acquisition.

  6. People on Hive side spread propaganda like "Capital vs Community" (Revolution!)
    -> Yeah it sounds like the best strategy, but I feel disgusting

  7. Steemit added an article-filtering feature on front-end
    -> I think it was a bad move politically because censorship-resistance is actually one of the core value of Steem blockchain. However I doubt "online community with zero censorship" is actually even possible because there will be just full of shit on that anyway.

  8. Hive will do a selective airdrop on community members who against their opinion - says "Accounts excluded who voted a minimum of two sockpuppets or proxied someone who voted a minimum of two and who didn't unvote before the hive announcement with more than 1k sp"
    -> Wow they used a term "airdrop" on hard-fork. You guys are smart! What was the censorship again? 😂 Feel free to exclude my account if you like. I'm fine :)


-- Korean Version --

  1. 메인 증인들이 담합해서 스팀잇 본사의 펀드를 묶어버리는 업데이트를 몰래 단행합니다.
    -> 블록체인 역사에 길이 남을 사건이라고 생각하며 DPoS의 실패에 대한 대표적인 케이스로 두고두고 언급될것 같네요.

  2. 스팀잇은 소유 지분을 사용하여 증인들의 업데이트를 다시 돌려놓고 기존 증인들을 밀어냅니다.
    -> 위의 사건이 상위 증인들의 담합에 의한 DPoS가 파괴된 사건이었다면, 이것또한 한명의 대주주가 블록체인 전체를 컨트롤한 사건으로 역시 역사에 남을 사건인것 같네요. 근데 누가 제가 몇백억 죽고 산 자산을 빼앗아가려고 한다면 저라도 그렇게 했을것 같기는 합니다.

  3. 한 증인이 22.4444라는 버전을 올렸는데 사실은 스팀잇의 22.5와 정확히 같은 버전이지만 이름만 다른 버전인데도 불구하고 "이건 저항의 표시이다" 라고 공표합니다.
    -> 이건 정말 논리적으로 이해가 가지 않는 부분인데 대부분의 스팀 해외 커뮤니티에는 잘 먹히더군요. 제가 보기엔 저건 "응 미안해 니꺼 다시 돌려줄게, 우리것도 다시 돌려줘 제발" 이런 뜻인데.. 저런식으로 선동할 수 있는 능력이 참 놀랍더군요. 어쨌든 여기서부터 본격적이 선동이 시작됩니다.

  4. 스팀잇은 타협하지 않습니다.
    -> 스팀잇 입장에서 저런 말도 안되는 선동을 하는 증인들과 굳이 타협을 해야 할 이유가 전혀 없어보입니다.

  5. 고인물 증인들은 드디어 하드포크를 결정합니다.
    -> 전 이게 증인들이 트론의 스팀잇 인수가 맘에 들지 않았다고 하면, 제일 처음에 해야 했을 행동이라고 생각합니다.

  6. 하이브쪽 사람들은 "자본 vs 커뮤니티 혁명" 이라는 프레이즈로 열심히 선동중이며 현재 약 90% 이상의 해외 유져들은 그쪽에 동조하고 있는것 같네요.
    -> 전략적으로 매우 훌륭해 보입니다. 정치판을 보는것 같아 속이 거북하긴 하네요.

  7. 스팀잇은 선동글들을 필터링 하는 기능을 스팀잇 사이트에 업데이트를 합니다.
    -> 제 생각에 이건 별로 안좋은 수였던것 같습니다. 스팀은 DPoS지만 그래도 블록체인이라 검열 저항성이 코어중에 하나인데, 그걸 훼손한 업데이트니까요. 뭐 근데 정말로 검열이 전혀 없는 온라인 커뮤니티가 현실적으로 가능할지는 모르겠네요 ㅎㅎ 온갖 쓰레기들로 도배 될게 거의 확실하니까요.

  8. 하이브는 곧 있을 하드포크때 선별적인 "에어드랍"을 한다고 합니다. (하드포크에서 "에어드랍" 이라는 단어를 쓰는것도 놀랍네요. 참 똑똑한 친구들인것 같습니다. 미국 대선 나가도 될듯..). 에어드랍이라는 단어를 쓰는 이유는 자기네 의견에 동조하지 않는 사람들에게는 토큰을 주지 않기 때문입니다. -
    -> 이번 하이브 "에어드랍"에서 제외되는 계정 명단입니다. 스팀헌트 및 저희 창엄 멤버들 개인 계정 포함프록시 토큰에 보팅한 한국 유져들은 모두 제외가 되었네요 ㅎㅎ 음.. 아까 뭐 검열 어쩌구 한것 같은데.. 탈중앙화 커뮤니티? 진짜 맞나요? ㅎㅎ 네 저는 괜찮습니다.

저희는 요즘 사업이 한창 잘 되고 있어서 바빠서 스팀쪽 드라마까지 신경 쓸 겨를이 없었는데, 돌아가는 상황을 보고 있자니 정말 가관이라 한마디 적어봤습니다.


cannot agree more with this post.

strongly agree with this. the most centralized and censorship-powered chain is coming! ;D

Ha! That didn't age well. In fact, this whole post didn't age well.

I kind of agree. A lot of things happened that are ugly on both sides.

It's kind of funny seeing you and P7 swearing a bunch now one week after Justin Sun's infamous blog post, when 2+ years prior to that; not one swear word.

I think the truth will be found in future market caps.

I predict HUNT goes well on its way to flipping the Steem price, and when the Steem price is low enough, Sun will go through with his plan to swap Steem tokens with Tron. So and the Hunt platform will officially be Tron apps.

It's clear from the way you write the history that you perspective on the situation is different to mine. It's unlikely we can change that through discussion.

From my POV.
-"1) Secret soft-fork" - this was a defensive, temporary and reversible action, if the right discussion had happened here everything that followed could have been avoided. In my opinion the response that followed then proved that this initial action was in fact the correct thing to do.

Unfortunately this initial action had to be done in secret or the result would have been able to be nullified.

I think the way the 'airdrop' is being handled is not necessarily the best cause of action. My current thoughts are the ninja-mined stake should be moved to a code-driven development fund. All other accounts should receive their funds. I agree it should not be called an 'airdrop'.

I don't think the secret soft-fork was "defensive".
Would you think it's a "defensive" action if someone take your assets you bought at millions of dollars?

Would you think it's a "defensive" action if someone take your assets you bought at millions of dollars?

No I would think it was an "offensive" action if "someone takes [your] assets".

The difference is I don't believe any assets were "taken", they were placed in limbo to allow discussion.

Well, you cannot legally place something that doesn't belong to you in limbo either. It is called the act of taking hostage.

IANAL so can't speak to the legality of the situation. I wouldn't have necessarily done the same thing. I'm sure there are ways it could have been dealt with better. Perhaps an unbiased third party should have been given control while the options were able to be discussed. In short I haven't thought about it enough to give you a detailed response.

I wanted to reply to @tabris because I was a previous sponsor of Steemhunt. Most people will rage and shout accusations. I felt I could respond in a constructive manner.

@tabris I think the issue is, the Steemit Inc Genesis Stake did not belong to @ned as a personal asset to sell. The initial fork was to insure the funds were used properly. Justin may have bought them with his own money, but they weren't @ned's to sell in the first place.

Will You continue on steem?

i am agree with your opinions

Old witnesses finally decided to hard-fork.
-> This is what they should've done from the first place if they didn't like Steemit's recent acquisition.

The HIVE bosses only want to damage Justin's investment/Steemit. I cannot defend freezing anybody's funds then claiming to be censorship-resistant, which is ridiculous.

I will continue to use and see how this platform recovers, or not?

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