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Always Something To Learn on Hive -- Like the AutoClaim Service

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During PYPT on Thursday, @jamerussell presented a post about how to move coins from one blockchain to another. He used Steem as the example of the coin he wanted to move to Hive (good choice James). He did a detailed tutorial which you could follow along using either Hive Engine or Tribaldex.

Things We Talk About at PYPT

As often happens on PYPT, a conversation started about the two sites and some expressed their opinions that Tribaldex is the better and prettier of the two sites. They do basically the same function except using Tribaldex you will be able find the other services @aggroed and his crew offer. An update is being done on the Hive-Engine site which we’ll see in the first part of 2022.

I’d been on the Tribaldex site a few days before and had been looking around to find out where I could claim token rewards without success. I took the opportunity to mention my hunt. Others responded they too had not found how to claim them. This sparked two responses.

Hive Autoclaim Service

The first came from @thekittygirl who told us if we used the Hive AutoClaim service we’d not need to worry about that. I’d not heard of this service so I asked. Turns out the ever industrious @arcange had created a service to allow your rewards to be claimed automatically not only your token rewards but your Hive ones as well.

One of the major benefits of especially your HP being claimed regularly is the compounding effect of the interest earned on your HP. It doesn’t earn it if it’s not claimed. This is also true for your HBD in your savings account. Currently HBD is earning 12% interest. You have to claim the interest to get it awarded to you. It will continue to accumulate if you don’t claim it but it wont be earning interest on the interest. Compound interest is the best!

Check this post out to learn how to use this service

If you’re not sure who @arcange is, he’s the fellow behind the Hivebuzz badges we receive. And he’s a witness in case you’ve not voted for him.

Token Rewards From Posts

The second response was some in the chat who didn’t know what the HE rewards were. They just assumed all the tokens they earned from posting just arrived at their Hive Engine account. Many do get transferred automatically and some have to be claimed just like claiming our Hive rewards.

A few people laughed when they discovered they had a bunch of unclaimed rewards sitting there. Hint: if you visit Hive-Engine and in the top right corner beside your name you see a red dot with a number in, you have rewards to claim. When you finish claiming them be sure to stake your tokens, some of them earn you more if you stake them.

So there we go, another interesting conversation at PYPT. You never know what we’ll end up chatting about both during the show and after but we often end up learning something as people share their knowledge.



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