PUD - PUH - PUM - It's all about to Power Up!

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Here we are with the first Hive blockchain Power Up moment of the year 2022!

On January 1st, we are going to start the year on a high note with the possibility for you to obtain 3 additional badges in a row.

We will start with the now well-known Power Up Day (PUD) which will take place on the first day of the month. For more information about the PUD, you can read this post from @traciyork.

On the same day, you will be able to earn the Power Up Helper (PUH) badge too.

And finally, January 1st will also be the kick-off of a new Power Up Month (PUM) with new rewards.

Quick rules reminder

HiveBuzz use UTC date and time to validate when your power-up. Therefore, check your timezone and convert your local time to UTC before powering up!

1. The Power Up Day and its Power-Bees levels

The minimum amount to power up and make the PUD badge yours is 10 HIVE and the more HIVE you power-up on Power Up Day, the bigger your power-bee.

Here is how the levels are distributed:

Level 1 - Power up at least 10 HIVE
Level 2 - Power up at least 50 HIVE
Level 3 - Power up at least 100 HIVE
Level 4 - Power up at least 500 HIVE
Level 5 - Power up at least 1000 HIVE

2. The Power-Up Helper

The Power-Up Helper badge was introduced in the October 2020 edition and allows you to get one more badge when helping others to power-up.

TLDR; Get rewarded for the help you provide! By helping others to power up, you are showing everyone how mutual support is an important concept within the Hive community.

For more information on how to get the Power Up Helper badge, read this post.

3. The Power-Up Month

The Power Up Month lasts all month. For each day of the month, you have 2 options:

Option 1:

  1. you publish a post and set the payout mode to 100% HIVE.
  2. Your post must generate a payout to be eligible (i.e. get a few upvotes)
  3. You cannot upvote yourself

Using this option is also a good way to get the Monthly Author badge as well. ;)

Option 2:

  1. power up at least 1 HIVE.
  2. You cannot powerdown during the month.

This option is useful if have no idea what to write about someday or just aren't a blogger at all.

Note: You can use either option, or both, and can switch from one to the other as the days go by.

What's new this year?

1. Power Up Day

No major change, except that there will be no more HP delegations for users who participate in Power Up Day only (see below)!

2. Power Up Helper

You will now be able to collect PUH badges for each year, which will generate a major leverage effect on the size of our delegations to you.

The more PUH badge you have, the more you will receive a significant delegation from us. Those who have already obtained it in previous years therefore already have a significant advantage.

3. Power Up Month

So far we have done two editions of Power Up Month. It was a way for us to test how a challenge that lasts a whole month unfolds.

It must be recognized that this is a real challenge (literally and figuratively) because only less than thirty participants made it to the end during each edition.

But it is important for us to stimulate and reward consistency and commitment because we consider this to be the most important factor of success on our platform (and in life).

Therefore, we decided to:

  • have a PUM challenge every month.
  • shift our delegations from the PUD to the PUM

This means that you will only receive a delegation from us if you successfully complete a PUM challenge and the more PUM challenges you successfully participate in and the more HIVE you power up, the bigger our delegation!

4. Hive Power Delegations

This year, we will be rewarding extremely regular participants, and those who are generous in helping others, by providing them with a 3 weeks Hive Power delegations!

The amount of HP delegated will be calculated according to the following criteria:

  • How many successful Power Up Months you have achieved throughout the year.
  • The total amount you powered up during the PUM.
  • How many PUDs in a row have you participated in
  • The levels of your power-ups on PUD (ex: you made two "level 3" and three "level 5" power-ups).
  • The number of people you helped to power-up and the amount involved.

The higher all the above-mentioned values, the higher the delegation you will receive.

Why participate in the Hive Power Up challenges?

The first reason is to have fun and get a badge!

And here are some other great reasons to power-up your HIVE:

  • Strengthen your influence on the blockchain with stronger votes on content, proposals and witnesses.
  • Earn more curation rewards. The more Hive Power you have, the more you can potentially earn back
  • Earn "interest" by holding Hive Power. You will also earn HIVE passively at about 3% per year of what you currently have powered up so the more HIVE you have, the more you can earn from just holding!

Finally, several amazing members, like @victoriabsb, @traciyork, @fionasfavourites, @alokkumar121, @cmplxty, @hiveph, @improv, @jeanlucsr, @livinguktaiwan, @naturalmedicine, @r1s2g3, @theycallmedan, @eddiespino, @aliento, @walterjay and others, are offering prizes that include delegations, Hive giveaways, and other cool stuff to the Hive PUD participants.

Be ready and Power Up!

HiveBuzz is a project created by @arcange


Here is a time-zone-converter if you have no idea what UTC time is.

When you go check it and find out you're a few minutes short :( untitled.gif

Ive been meaning to participate in this, and I just happened to power up today! awesome!

Intentaré mantenerme activa durante Enero en el desafío PUM 1-2022, es el mes de mi cumpleaños así que debo obtener mi segunda insignia como regalo propio...

Saludos, bendiciones y éxitos.

I will try to stay active during January in the PUM 1-2022 challenge, it is my birthday month so I should get my second badge as a gift of my own...

Greetings, blessings and success.

De nada @keco 🌹
¡Todo el equipo de HiveBuzz te desea lo mejor para 2022! Que tengas un feliz año nuevo ✨🥂✨

Hey @hivebuzz, this is amazing.
I will participate in this by continuously powering up 100% of my post.

Thank you.

You're welcome @peaq, that's with pleasure! Nice motivation, keep going like this 😊🌹

Thanks for the information, where I try to keep the PUD ongoing, the PUM is hard to achieve, just because I forget to set 100% to post payouts, like I did today. :D

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You can still do a "classic" power-up ;😉

@hivebuzz thank you. Thank you for making me comfortable at hive.

This looks fun and something I shall do, the PUD at a minimum, but will go for PUM too have a look at this @eylz619

thanks for the tag! will check it out :)

My goal this month is to reach 100HP so I can participate next month!


Nice to see this, I am anticipating for the D-day

Thank you for the chalenge and opportunity. Good program. i always support and vote your good proposal program.

Great to see this, thanks for the update. It's going to be really challenging this month with several days in different time zones and some travel time, but I'll try and go for the PUM badge again.

Am in as well

I am so ready for the power up day in jan!!! And thanks for answering on the question I had regarding on timezone for the start of the day 1.

Ready for the PUD, and I hope I can achieve the PUM next month too :)

@adacardano, am 1.1. wird wieder aufgepowert und ein kleines Bienchen verdient, oder? 😉✌🏻

OwO another PUM badge for january~ GO! ><

Badges are looking awesome!

Love it and we will join it for sure. New year, New chalanges. Let's do it!!!

Interesting project, worth to research more about it.

¡Que genial!

Really nice work. Sir I want also take a part in this process.

I'm so glad to see PUM is back 🙌 I never did it for a delegation or anything, but what are the prizes, approximately??? I love the idea of being able to offer a bigger reward for good content 🙌

I will mark my calendar!

Looking forward to participating :)

Did December not have a HIVE Power Up Month? xD I've been powering up every day thinking there was! lol

No, we skip December. Tho, it was good training for you to be prepared for the coming year as PUM will occurs every month 😉

I have a question. I'm interested to incorporate the Power up month to my new series of Runeterra Blogs.

My questions are:
#1 Do I need to do the 100% hive stuff every day for the whole month of January totalling up to 31 blogs or 31 days?

#2 In connection to #1, if I miss 1 day, I am not valid for the PUM for January?

#3 Am I allowed to make other blogs with 50/50 rewards?

@hivebuzz I have a question.

Do I need to do the 100% hive stuff every day for the whole month of January totalling up to 31 blogs or 31 days?

Yes. Either a post with 100% power up or a "classic" power-up of at least 1 HIVE

if I miss 1 day, I am not valid for the PUM for January?

Yes. This challenge is merciless

Am I allowed to make other blogs with 50/50 rewards?


So i just read your post and all the comments in here today and I started blogging again just today, does this mean I lost 5 days already since Jan 1, 2022? 😅

Unfortunately, yes 😢

I guess it's still ok. At least I had motivation to blog again yesterday and I was able to get votes too.
Would you mind telling me please if it was correct that I made my default post reward' to 100% Hive Power?

We checked it and didn't see any power-up or post with the 100% Hive Power

Good questions 🙂👍🏻 I look forward to the answers because I am interested.

You have to do option 1 or 2 on every day you can power up 1 hive on day 1, make a 100% post on day 2, powerup 1 hive on day 3.... till 31. Everyday at least one of both options.

So you need at least one of that. If you have one 100% post you can make more posts with only 50:50.

Tengo una pregunta. Quiero participar en el HPD pero en mi billetera tengo 0 de saldo Hive y también de HP, aunque entre paréntesis tengo (25 002). También leí que hay que tener una reputación mayor de 39. Mi perfil en peakd me pone 25 de reputación pero en ecency tengo 50. Estoy un poco confundido.
Puedo sencillamente hacer una publicación y poner el 100% de beneficio a @hivebuzz ?

Buenas, una pregunta. Quiero participar en el HPD pero en mi billetera tengo 0 de saldo Hive y también de HP, aunque entre paréntesis tengo (25 002). También leí que hay que tener una reputación mayor de 39. Mi perfil en peakd me pone 25 de reputación pero en ecency tengo 50. Estoy un poco confundido.
Puedo sencillamente hacer una publicación y poner el 100% de beneficio a hivebuzz?

Puedo sencillamente hacer una publicación y poner el 100% de beneficio a hivebuzz?

Si claro. No tomamos en cuenta la reputación para nuestro desafío.

Congratulations @hivebuzz! You received a personal badge!

You powered-up at least 100 HP on Hive Power Up Day! This entitles you to a level 3 badge
Participate in the next Power Up Day and try to power-up more HIVE to get a bigger Power-Bee.
May the Hive Power be with you!

You can view your badges on your board and compare yourself to others in the Ranking

Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

PUD - PUH - PUM - It's all about to Power Up!

This Is The YEAR Of The POWER UP! WE wish much Success To All the Projects and people who make these new communities thrive!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE 🌏

I always participate in PUD since i know it.

Tried once PUM but at the second or third day i failed, because i forgott to set to 100% and it is not possiblento change it. I made a 2nd post, but one day later again and than i was too late for a second post, after i remembered.

The problem is, that ecency do not save my last option.

Because i always powerup after few days, i never have enough hive to select Option 2, to send 1 Hive for powerup.

So my option would now be, to start next month with pum, i have to collect 30 Hive till then (no power up!) So i can use them to powerup next month every day. But i need also a service which helps me to power up every day, because i will forgett ist.

I didn't understand much what I should do. But it looks interesting I'll find out🌺

Me too . I'm trying to read more.

Hello @erelasblog 😉. We must keep trying and we will surely succeed.

I have a question about PUM, please. Since I participated in the HPUD on first January, will that count too for the PUM because I started the 1 Hive power up the second of this month. Thank you :)

Yes, everyone participating in the PUD is de facto qualified for day 1 of the PUM ;)

Okay, cool! Thank you :)

insignia Power Up Go Go Go !!!

Wow this is a nice initiative.

I guess I'll be all in throughout the year.

Yes, you will be able to join next months


Is there a way i can see wether i am still in PUM?
It only took few days again and i forgott to set 100%, but i think i have powered up these days 1 Hive.
Can i check it?

We are working on it... 😅

Ok, because i dont know wether i am still in or not.
Hope there will be an opzion in ecency app to save the rewardsettings to 100%.

Hi @hivebuzz,

so I posted a Article with 100% HIVE reward. Is that everything that I have to do or is there something more? And will it go automatically?

Please I don't understand what this contest is how can I participate?

Read the rules and explanation in the post

Will this now be a monthly thing? the month-long one?