Spider Insect Photography only for my photography content Varification.

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Hello Guys!
Today i am here with new post in which i will share some pictures of spider that varified my photography content. i take these picture with my mobile and use external macro lens. i will also provide the photos of tool like camera and lens which i use for taking photographs.
Today i take a sheet and write my hive name and today date on it, then i set a spider on this sheet and take some pictures for Varification of my content. insect collecting is my hobby that's why i have many rear beautiful and tiny insects.
@spaminator @adm @hivewatchers @hivewatchers @azircon @adamada @leonis @livinguktaiwan @grittenald all these respectable person watch my this photography content that prove my identity of my original content.

At the end i will share some picture of my camera and lens that i used for photography.

My Camera detail.

make: Realme.
Model: 3 Pro.
Lens: External Macro Lens.
Editing Tool: Snapseed.
Location: Pakistan, Gujranwala.
















Thanks for watching my photography post.


Not my place to tell people how to run their blogs. These look nice. I would take HW's advice on diversifying your photo subjects but it's not really mandatory as you can specialize in only insect photography and that's in it's own field of discipline under photography.

Something you might want to consider, though, @amnamhr is to be more social and interactive with other users on the platform. This is to avoid people thinking you're a sockpuppet of another account if all you do is only post and reply to comments on your content instead of using the social media platform better. A lot of people curate based on contributions too that aren't just about the content.

HW isn't in a position to tell anyone what they can or can't post about unless it's theft or some other form of scam.

I've had one of those lenses for my Samsung Galaxy S9 forever... but could never get mine to work! Love to see a post detailing your use of your gear.

In regards to authentication for your account... I believe that you have done everything you can, and would suggest you move on... continue your journey on the Blockchain.

I'd no longer keep tagging these individuals, as you have contacted them all, and been told several things to do... and have done said things. Continuing to TAG these individuals is not going to produce positive results in my opinion.

Continue to create positive energy and content... showing sources, gear, and apps/software used...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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thanks @wesphilbin for tipu curate and for giving attention on my post.

A few other communities I would suggest, would also be right in line with your style. Please see their respective rules and guidelines:



These are incredible images you captured and hard to believe they were taken with just a smartphone. Truly impressive!📷

I use the camera on my phone 95% of the time & been wanting to buy lenses for taking macro shots especially of rain and snow. What brand is your external macro lens kit and where did you purchase it? @amnamr

i purchase it from daraz.pk and the brand name of my macro lens is Apexel.

Thank you for the answer & information!

Hi amnamhr,

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respected @amnamhr
superb photography my respected sister , i liked these insects, really it is very much informative that we can take these beautiful photos with camera, i want to become good photographer, but i only use my mobile phone camera, i will buy these all kits also from daraz, just may i know sister, that how much expensive was? all this kits
i have vivo y15 phone, it is good but i want to use lens to make more excellent photos for my vlog
you from Gujranwala, i am from district Mianwali , . i am very much to see one good great person from pakistan. my respected sister, keep continue your quality work,
how much total expensive you paid for this all kits?
i will soon buy these all, i want to improve my photography


Bugs and weed plants are not the only things that you can take photographs of in Pakistan.
You have a nice camera so you can take photographs of many other things such as historical places/monuments, parks, nightlife in the city, landscapes, people doing various artistic activities, etc.

sir some days ago, i went to a museum and i also make a post for historical thing that i saw in the museum. you can see that. i also share many photos of mountain and and lack etc.