Coccinellidae - one of the most beautiful insects that announce spring

Ladybugs, (lat. Coccinellidae) is a family of insects, which belongs to the order Coleoptera.

This type of insect includes numerous and diverse species.
They are not dangerous to humans, they are even very noticeable because of their red color with black dots.

In a way, they are even considered useful insects because they feed on your plants.



In most species of ladybugs, the body is oval in shape, and as with all hardwings, the covers are hard and are protected by delicate wings, of which there are two, which are packed under the covers when the beetle is at rest. Ladybugs are capable of flying, like other hardwings they are not particularly skilled fliers.


Ladybugs hibernate, often in groups and in some hidden place. It is interesting that they do not freeze because there is a lot of glycerin in their small body.


They are spread in all areas, from the coldest to the warmest parts of the world.


These insects belong to the protected animal species, but even while they were not, rarely anyone would dare to kill a ladybug, whether because of numerous beliefs or because it seems sweet and harmless.


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