Jumping spider macrophotography

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It's interesting when a new hobby brings back to life an old one. I used to do a lot of photography when I was in London but since my move to Australia, I've put that hobby aside and started other thing.

Recently, I was interested in keeping jumping spiders as pet and because they are so tiny I need to use macro lenses to take photos of them. Despite the new iPhone 13 pro doing great job at general and macrophotography, the image quality when view at 100% on a large desktop screen does not match the image quality from a proper camera with a macro lens.

So today, after clearing up the basement and garage space for the flood repairs that are starting tomorrow, I took out my old Nikon D300 and the Nikkor Micro 105mm lens and a product photography lightbox out and invited My Lady Servaea villosa for a photoshoot. It's been a while since she got out of her enclosure so she was a bit confused at first but after running around on my hand and arm for few minutes, she finally settle down and posed for some mugshots.

Summary of equipments used:

  • Nikon D300 DSLR camera
  • Nikon AF-S VR 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED lens
  • Nikon SB-900 Flashgun
  • Phottix Odin TTL Wireless Flash Trigger for Nikon
  • Unbranded home studio lightbox

Jumping Spider - Servaea Villosa-01.jpg

Jumping Spider - Servaea Villosa-02.jpg

Jumping Spider - Servaea Villosa-05.jpg

Jumping Spider - Servaea Villosa-07.jpg

Jumping Spider - Servaea Villosa-09.jpg

Jumping Spider - Servaea Villosa-10.jpg

Jumping Spider - Servaea Villosa-11.jpg

Jumping Spider - Servaea Villosa-12.jpg

Jumping Spider - Servaea Villosa-13.jpg

Jumping Spider - Servaea Villosa-15.jpg


Oh my gosh, your little jumpy is so so cute! They are my favourite spiders. I found one walking on me a few days ago and we had a discussion. I never used to like them but they grew on me.

Your photos are brilliantly crisp and Lady Servaea seemed to enjoy modelling. I look forward to seeing more. How often does she shed her carapace?

Ranger Andy

They are great spiders!

I have this one only recently and she has not shed her carapace yet. Or maybe she did it in her nut hide but I can’t see in the inside…

The photographs are very good, an impressive quality, the only thing is that I am terrified of spiders and seeing it even in those photos gave me chills.

Hahaha you’re not the only one 😅

What sort of insects do you feed it? Fruit flies?

Fruit flies, wax moth, crickets, house flies… what ever I think I can feed her and just try if she takes it or not.

Yeah I feed mine waxworms also, she likes the challenge of crickets too. How big will this one grow? My daring jumper is only about the size of a thumbnail full-size.

This species grows to about 9mm so pretty small.

Ah so fruit flies are probably best for this littly guy. I have a similar zebra striped species here that is only 9mm long. Very difficult to find/catch/photograph.

Interesting hobby. Your tiny friend is actually pretty cute, even though I am scared of spiders.
Thanks for sharing your new hobby with us.

A lot of people are like you. But a lot of them have also started to adopt a jumping spider.

Australia really scares me. I guess I could never live there. I don't think I'll ever be able to sleep peacefully. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Haha my family moved to Australia few years ago and to be honest, you don’t see many of the scary stuffs. The only thing I’ve encountered are Redback Spiders but they don’t chase after you.

hi friend @quochuy i am very curious about the macro lens you are using ,,

What do you want to know about it?

She is a spectacular model, she fixed her gaze very well to the lens, with her 4 or 6 or 8 eyes staring I could see a sparkle in her eyes and that makes me think that she was enjoying the photo session and the good treatment of the photographer. 😊

Although she is not my favorite animal, I consider her to be very beautiful, and I feel a little admiration for what they do after copulating hahahahahaha I'm kidding. 🤣

These are very nice pictures, I'm glad you shared them. 🤗 @quochuy

Thank you, her 8 eyes were glowing hahaha.
Don’t eat your boyfriend hey! Lol

I don't have it, it has been dead for years, it tasted tasty.

Lol 🤣😂


that little girl looks adorable, I am fascinated by the quality of the photos

Nice creature

Awesome macro shots of spider and these photos are so sharp and clear. Loved it. 💕

Thank you 🙏

I'm no fan of any spider but you've made this lil fella miss quite cute and pretty!

Hehe thanks
Lots of people who don’t like spiders or are even arachnophobic have started keeping jumping spiders cuz they look cute and are very gentle

Haha... ok, I'll believe you! 😄
I had a cat before for 20 years.... right now adopted a snail (off a veg) during the pandemic! 😁

Fantastic quality photos.

Thank you

This is an outstanding jamming spider. I have seen this type of spider few times. This is wonderful photography


Great Pics! They are so precious 😍

Super cool! She actually looks kind of cute and cuddly, like a baby bear.

Manually curated by ackhoo from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Super cool spiderrr....
Your shot is so deadly 😄

Your photos are amazing, look very alive in a situation, the little spider looks very tame when faced with you, and what's even more great is some really great poses, at number 9 very professional, I love it, thank you very much @quochuy, awesome...

It's so tiny!

And seeing it brings to mind a friend who said he didn't mind spiders but he didn't like jumping spiders because "they have these giant fuckoff legs and then they leap into your face" or something to that effect XD

I showed it to youngest and he thinks it's adorable but he's also said he's terrified of them because there was one he was admiring because it was so little and cute and then it jumped in his face XD

Is it a pet as in it lives in a corner of a room or one that you have in a tank?

Hahaha yea they tend to like jumping on what ever gets too close too them to climb on it that’s why it takes long time to take photos of them as they want to jump on the phone. Lucky with this DSLR camera and lens the focusing distance is greater so she stayed still.

She lives in an enclosure made for her:

Ahh that's one of the ones I missed (I've been missing a fair bit lately because time is a thing x_x). Awesome little enclosure :)

LoL I assume you've been startled a few times trying to get a good shot? XD

She jumped on my a few times but I’m Ok with that 😊

This was completely unthinkable to me! make small animals like spiders as pets. This is really a unique and interesting hobby. I love all the beautiful photos you take using the Nikkor Micro 105mm plus Photography lightbox. This is really interesting. Thank you sir for sharing your great work with us.

Gave the creeps to my girlfriend, too. One of many)
Yet she couldn't look away and admitted that it's cute (from a particular angle).
I always admired spiders for their architect talents though.

Most people would find these cute on photos from the front where you only see the face with the big eyes and only few legs.

Spiders not only are great architects, they are also producers of one of the hardest material, their silk is harder than steel.

Wow schöne Bilder sehr schöne Spinne und es ist sehr haarig.

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spiders are very beautiful in appearance, that includes spiders that have very sharp eyesight huh

¡Feliz dia de San Valentin! @quochuy 😀

I toast to the friends who, without knowing me, support my work... Thank you 🤗



This is really awesome, you are very good at taking pictures and i really like it.

Nice🕷 Hoping it's a friendly spider, like it were a cricket.

This is a beautiful work.. The spider 🕸️ are lovely ❤️❤️💯💯... Keep the light in you sparked up ❤️❤️💯💯.. thie image portray alot about your exceptional talent ❤️❤️💯💯..