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RE: No Beer, Only Waves!

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I'm Jobiker and I didn't have a beer in four days! Peace!

Ha ha, more power to your elbow!

Those photos look class man, and your digs in Indonesia sound amazing, as you can soak up the culture and put money into a local family's pocket which is really cool in my opinion.

Nice touch with the Irish paint-job on the room by the way... I'm honoured!


Yo there @ablaze ! Please tell me every room in your home is painted this terrifying green colour! Im havin a blast here and just got back from another heavy session!

Oh Fo shizzle.... We have the Artichoke green room, the Fern green room, the Mantis room, the forest green room, the mint green room, the sap green room, the tea green room, and not forgetting of course the green room!

3/4 days sauce free was good going man, I'd say the session that followed was next level shit with your buddies!

We cracked the first beers to day mate! we four in (big bintangs) Looks like may be a late surf tomorrow morning! Dude you dont have a lime green room???


Ha ha, no green rooms 🤣 I do like green t shirts mind you. Enjoy the surfing man 🏄‍♂️🍻