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The games are not playing as planned...

Only Italy and Germany is giving a big win

Guess it's one of those days. Belgium and Spain also eventually did emerged victorious, even though it wasn't the scoreline we where expecting. Far better than settling for a draw

Italy, who already scored 4 goals in the first half against Lithuania, just scored another one. It's 5-0 now with also a huge domination in ball possession. A couple goals from the young Moise Kean from Juventus.
Of course, Italy in the lead in their group, particularly with Switzerland currently tied 0-0 with Northern Ireland.

Few hours to the game....

You have few minutes to edit your predictions 🤣🤣🤣

😃 😃 friend what did you mean for this ......
Prediction edited 😃

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Thank you so much

Thanks for the tokens

Guys Mason Greenwood player of the month, he deserves that doesn't he?

He deserves it and more, he has been performing well and I believe he will do better seeing Ronaldo in the team..

Congratulations to the young star Mason Greenwood.

Thanks for the token I really appreciate

Thanks for the participation rewards as usual. Last day of international football matches, and it will be back to domestic leagues this week end.

Congratulations to all the lovely people for winning the tokens.

Many thanks for the tokens. Much appreciated. Yet at another day in the international scene has qualification matches still goes on. What matches are you guys looking forward to?

Austria --> 2. Liga
Kapfenberger SV-Lafnitz

Away wins

I am with Austria

Belarus --> Premier League

Home wins

Over 2.5 goals will be in this match.

I think Belarus will take this game.

France --> National 1

Away wins

France is my favourite

World Cup Qualification

Greece vs Sweden

Away to win

I think this match will be won by Sweden.

All goals were scored in the second half, but Greece won 2-1 against Sweden. They're still 3 points behind Sweden in the group table though, with Spain comfortably in the lead with 13 points after their 0-2 win in Kosovo

This is the match of the day, what a super challenge it will be, but even If greece secure a win, they ain't qualifying...

Sweden is more likely to win in my opinion

Unfortunately the game didn't play out as predicted. I also expected the swede to come out winners tonight but that was not the case as the Grecian made their fans happy with the 2-1 victory at the Athens Olympic Stadium

World Cup Qualification

Wales vs Estonia


I think it will be a big win for the wale today

Wales win and over 1.5

Yeah very good on from you friend which I can try to bet this game I love this prediction

Wales is definitely my pick if I had to choose between the two teams.

A boring match it was at the Cardiff City Stadium as both team settled for a stalemate as nothing was able to seperate both side. Expected some goals myself but I guess it was one of those days where the goals dry up

World Cup Qualification

Belarus vs Belgium

Away win

Only one goal for Belgium in the first half, it's 0-1. Still 45 minutes to play. But Belgium doesn't have all their usual starters. Kevin De Bruyne is not back yet, Hazard is on the bench for now, and Lukaku is not even at the game (I think he's supposed to get his injury checked to make sure he can play against Aston Villa this week end).

I don't really know Belarus team but Belgium is a great one so I'd favor them

Yea I don't know much about Belarus either

Belgium is a no brainer to win. Then again if the unexpected happens, I might watch the rerun

Belgium is a sure win in this game.

Belgium is the clear favorite of this match.

Big win and over 3.5

Yes I really love this prediction which I'm going to give Belgium to have the victory in this game. Good job done

Nice prediction. Played out as predicted as the world football national Belgium got the job done at the Tsentralnyi Stadion, Kazan. It may not have been the result majority where expecting in terms of scoreline. 0-1 still a decent result

Many thanks for the rewards I really appreciate it remain blessed

Premier league is gonna be hot in this Saturday with Ronaldo making his second man u debut wearing 7

Yeah, I just know that the stadium won't contain Manchester fans this weekend...

Not stadium alone
And even viewing centres

Yeah, you know how it is In Nigeria... Always lively and fantastic

Yeah. It sure going to be an exciting weekend with majority of fans and speculators looking forward to the second debut of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Newcastle versus Manchester United is definitely a must see. Great one from Edison Cavani for allowing get back his favorite jersey number

Brazil football are poor for what they did on Sunday against Argentina

That was a huge mess

That's a good summary, just a big mess! with everybody accusing the others, and nobody taking responsibility apparently.

well, that still isn't really clear what happened. Of course, the officials should have pulled out these players long before the match started. But apparently Argentina was also warned they should not field them. So, it seems everybody wasn't exactly correct. And in the end, it's a disaster, and a match between two of the best teams currently, was stopped badly, leaving all the fans very upset.

Lionel Messi will be the FIFA best player this year

You think so?
He is always a contender but I'm not sure if he can pull it off

Will be? You are not even sure...

💯 sure
He is the best player in the world

He is not the best player in the world, he is the best player of his time, someday we will have another best player, he is ageing already...

But he is right now
Until then

It's a possibility because he finally won a major competition title with his national team. But there are a few serious contenders like Lukaku, Lewandowski, Jorginho or even Mbappe...
I'm a big fan of Messi, so I hope he wins this award one more time this year, but like somebody already said, he started ageing, and at some point, younger players will for sure take over.

The first match today in the world cup qualifiers was Armenia-Liechtenstein. Huge domination from Armenia: 78% ball possession, 28 shots (10 on target) to 3 (all on target). But in the end, it's a 1-1 draw, and the first point for Liechtenstein in this group J. Germany still in the lead with 12 points, even before starting their game in Iceland just now.