FIFA - The Most Corrupt Organization Under The Sun


As a sports fan it is hard pill to swallow knowing virtually every sporting body is as corrupt as hell. One would think being mainly ex sportsmen they would be doing it for the love of the game and not the love of money.

I thought I had better use my #sportingcontroversy tag at some point being the one to introduce it so here goes.

When you are looking for sporting controversy then one doesn't have to look that far as FIFA have been full of it for years. What does one expect when you have Sepp Blatter at the helm and most likely the extra bonuses and corruption have been rampant for decades.

The awarding of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups raised eye brows to those outside of the voting booths not in the know but it looks very much like they were fixed. I dare say 2010 was fixed as I know how South Africa works and there have been stories about suit cases full of cash being delivered to certain hotel rooms.

2022 World Cup in Qatar is a funny choice as World Cups are all about growing the game of football. That is what we would like to think and this couldn't be further from the truth. The host country is the one willing to pay the most and to keep quiet when greasing the palms of the voters. Apparently South Africa voted in favor of Germany for 2006 so the vote would be returned for them hosting in 2010 along with a host of paid votes.

Football officials are no different to politicians as money talks and everything else walks. If we look at what each country spent on hosting the World Cup besides the bid which is staggering on it's own. England spent a cool £21 million on their bid for 2018 excluding the set fee for participating. Every round that the bidders go through the one with the least votes drops out. This gives plenty of room for bribes even if they know that country could be knocked out in the later stages.

Qatar's bid boggles the mind as you have to take into account the criteria for the host nation.

  1. Do they have the stadiums or do they need to be built? They had 2 so yes please build more. The likes of Australia, USA, Portugal/Spain, Netherlands and Belgium, Japan along with England and Russia were all in a stronger position.

  2. Infrastructure the other countries all would beat Qatar yet again as Qatar needs to build everything including many more hotels and transport services.

  3. History and Impact. This would be good for Qatar as yes it would help boost the popularity if the sport throughout the Middle East. This by the way is the only scoring win for them.

  4. Location and climate. Small country so yes very easy to get around and one could visit multiple stadiums within a few hours as they are not far apart. The one downfall is the weather is not great for playing football and is a bit too hot.

  5. Security. They are in the Middle East which could be good or bad depending on whose side you are on. I would hope having a very small country it will be easier to secure.

How weird that if the proper judging had been implemented instead of lets play how dee is your pocket nd can it fill mine please then others would have been the hosts. Australia for certain along with the States plus any of the others bar Qatar who would have been near the bottom of the list with Indonesia.

I wonder if Al Jazeera swayed some votes as they would be the local TV providing the football feed after all. Reports have suggested that they paid 2 installments of $440 million ($880 Million) to FIFA. Mohamed Bin Hammam is also reported to have paid out over $5 million to his bidders. Emails that were found via a former FIFA official Jack Warner that Qatar had bought the World Cup. Remember when FIFA was under the microscope for dodgy payments and during that period 3 South American Officials received large sums of money linked via Qatar bids.

The truth is this has been happening for decades and only through decent reporting are these facts now coming to light. FIFA, The Olympics, World Cup Rugby are all doing similar things and it has nothing to do with growing the sport. If World Rugby was serious then the 2023 World Cup would have gone to the USA instead of France who hosted in 1999 and 2007 already.

Just take a look at what each host country spent hosting the FIFA World Cup going back to 1998. Qatar final cost will only be known once the tournament has been completed later this year.

France 1998: $2.3 billion
Japan 2002: $7.0 billion
Germany 2006: $4.3 billion
South Africa 2010: $3.6 billion
Brazil 2014: $15 billion
Russia 2018: $11.6 billion
Qatar 2022: $220 billion

If a country is prepared to spend that much hosting a World Cup then what chance do the other countries have as you cannot compete on these terms. How much were the bribes as even if you took 5% of this final figure that would be $11 billion.


Wow! To put that into context 220 Billion is just shy of Qatar's total GDP per year.

Here's hoping that the UK doesn't have to spend a couple of trillion to get the next one...

FIFA really just need to take a leaf out of the ICC's book and not even pretend to be an independent governing body for the sport. At least that removes the need for bribery although it won't help with greed per se.

I think a future United Kingdom bid would be nice what do you think?

It’d be nice and in fact bidding for the 2030 World Cup was part of The Conservative Party manifesto and had the backing of the various Home Nations plus Ireland for a joint bid. However, very much like @cryptoandcoffee ’s post above shows the costs of doing so were deemed too high and the bid was abandoned in favour of hosting Euro 2028 which it was felt would provide a similar return on a much smaller initial investment. Which reading between the lines means that UEFA’s bribes aren’t as extortionate as FIFA’s 😂

They justified the spend saying it was much needed infrastructure, but who honestly spends that over a short period of time. How many white elephants will they have after this as in hotels and not counting the stadiums. Unless they are planning on becoming a tourist destination I see no point.

That's how all countries that opt to spend massive sums on hosting sporting events try to justify it. It's the companies that secured the construction contracts that are going to be laughing!

That is how the officials make the extras as no doubt they over see who gets the contracts and back handers will follow. They look like heroes to the locals, but they are only plundering what they can whilst looking good at the same time. I remember knowing some people here in 2010 getting involved in cement tenders and had no business being involved as they had a coffee shop. Just shows how crooked the processes are and why everything comes in over budget.

Haha, that's crazy!

No different though than what happened/is happening during Covid or with defence contracts, etc. When there's government contracts up for grabs it becomes like the proverbial flies around shit.

What? 20 times higher the expenditure!! Dont know if this is a smart bid on the middle east economy or a foolish bet, just to turn the world spotlight to the Qatar Airways & Oil Industries.
Maybe,indigenous organizers could tell that very well.

You talked about security and hospitality cost,since Qatar lacks infrastructural mechanism, still I could see some profit that would be available after Qatar successfully finishes the tour.

Their sports sector would see sudden boom and tourism business shine, which would multiple their national revenue, dont know by which extent, but there would be a lot of it.ha ha..

Qatar offers nothing except a connection hub for flights. The rest of the world isn't travelling their for holidays or as a sporting venue. Only reason they did this was the officials to make money off building contracts. Maybe ego as well from the rich Arabs and their oil money but as a destination country they will never be that. Imagine all those hotels that will be worthless after the games have finished.

Hmm,very reasonable answer, I think.
Lets see what happens next, I am eagerly waiting to see world cup matches get going..
Cant wait, ⚾😀

This is really an eye opener for me, I do know that bribery and corruption is quite evident in the football world but I never knew it was this high. $220B just to be the host? This is definitely beyond entertainment or maybe it is some business deals 🤣.

The $220 Billion is what they will spend on infrastructure upgrades like transport, hotels and stadiums. How much of that is bribes we don't know as they know of the $880 Million paid to FIFA plus extra payments to officials for their voting. There must have been much more as there was no ways they were better than all the other countries bidding for the World Cup. Not even close as they had nothing going for them so they would have had to pay far higher bribes.

I can't even imagine what it's going to be like for the next country hosting considering this $220B. It's just so insane.

Corruption may be found almost anywhere, Qatar hosting this year world cup has proven it. When corruption works in one's favor in Africa, it's referred to as a connection.

Turns my stomach the way things happen as this is greed and nothing else. When you are stealing tax payers money then there is no punishment harsh enough in my mind. Doesn't matter what country you are from if you are a tax payer they are stealing from you.

Boxing would give it a good run for its money

The bribes are enough warranty to build new stadiums, but then afterwards the stadiums become white elephants.

Totally agree, although it hurts us as soccer fans, it cannot be denied that the FIFA is one of the most corrupt institutions in the world. In the end, soccer is just another structure that is driven by money.

wooow this is too much...Men under the sun can never be trusted.. we use our position to steal for our own

I see Blatter and Platini are finally going to court in June on their fraud charges. How I hope they are found guilty and actually see the inside of a prison cell. Blatter should have been sent down years ago.

With the secrecy that shrouds the majority of Fifa decisions and all, it is not at all surprising that there are so many skeletons in their cupboard. The Qatar situation is even made worse by allegations of inhumane labour treatment and the fact that this world cup for the first time, will be held in the winter thereby definitely disrupting the normal football calendar. I mean which one is worse, Qatar hosting the world cup or covid ravaging the world?

And the truth is these things are still going on even after the recent scandal that rocked it. I hope investigations are carried out into other associations like UEFA and CAF

That is totally crazy to me! I think that events like the World Cup should go to countries that are prepared for these events. And let's not get started about the humanitary values that a host country should represent! This is why the last two World Cups were definetly a scandal for me (2018 & 2022).

Unfortunately, money does not hold back anybody, not even one of the most popular GAMES in the world.

I was not aware of the amounts that were flowing into that, but reading this is really eye opening. Great article! :)

I guess this is my biggest shocker of the day. It's funny how greed and money can make people throw away standards and integrity. This doesn't speak well as of FIFA at all. Let's just hope transparency takes over the body.

As for Qatar, after spending this much dollars so far, I hope they have ways of recovering and making profit from hosting the tournament.

There is no profit from that spend as you would have to host it 100 times to maybe see 1 cent. This is 60 x more than what South Africa spent on hosting the tournament. SA never recovered profit and only FIFA made profit as this is how it works normally.


Now, I'm wondering what they thought before deciding to stake such amount.

They got exposed since the days of Sepp Blatter and ever since I've never trusted any of their game plans. Awarding to Qatar is more political than sporting. See how they adjusted the calendar to suit them sir. It's a crazy thing.

Heat isn't even the biggest problem with Qatar the humidity is really bad like you could really feel the humidity having weight that's how bad it is I just wish the players make it out alive after what happened with Eriksen

Very interesting post!



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It's sad that even one of the things that unites us regardless of our boundaries is still ridden with this deep rot. Blatter's corrupt imprint doesn't seem to have left the body.

Qatar's unfriendly weather is the reason we're having the world cup in November rather summer, still it's not the friendliest of weathers, between 19.5 and 29.5 degrees. I'm guessing they'd have to introduce water breaks during the tournament. Nonetheless, I wouldn't have asked that they be disqualified based on their weather conditions because it's totally out of their control.

Hosting rights have now become for the highest bidder in terms of how much you can rub palms. Growing the sport in the country is the only reason why I'd have considered them to host the competition.

Let's see how much they'd have spent to host the world cup at the end.

Simply wow. Like an illegitimate son back in Shakespeare's days, this is an illegitimate World Cup to me. Fifas corruption makes my blood boil and is the biggest reason I'm so disillusioned with the game at the moment


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Ultimately it is truly a game of power. No matter if it is education or sports, any and everything is now a GAME and nothing else. This was a little bit surprising to me but now I can relate to it all. It is all a GAME.