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RE: Big Phil is the US PGA Champion 2021 ⛳

What a weekend! I have a love-hate relationship with Phil due to the rivalry with Ernie Els long ago. And this week again, US vs SA, Phil vs. Louis. Even though Louis did not play well, you cannot blame me for rooting for my home country! Two years ago with Tiger's win at the masters, the same thing happened: Consistency beat the rest of the field. Phil played some incredible golf under immense pressure. What a weekend of golf!


Ah ok, that's understandable...

I actually like him, seems like a nice man who gives people the time of day, without a huge ego... that's just the sense I get, the reality could be very different..

I got it completely wrong, i thought Phil would never win another major, but its great for golf that he did. It gives many others some hope. He certainly doesn't swing or look like a 50 year old man!

He looks very good and I agree with you. His swing is so good and consistent.

It is great for golf, especially with Tiger winning the Masters and now Phil with the PGA. It shows that pressure gets to these young new players, or even more experienced players like Louis.

Zalatoris had some good puts, as I remember you were vouching for him? Putting is key, and I think with some stress and pressure a lot of good putts don't always fall. Look at Louis. The two first holes on Sunday should have been birdies. But we will see! Hopefully the next majors and big events will also be fun to watch!

Ya, I'm delighted for both Phil and Tiger and I must admit I had written both of them off. With their respective resurgences, I can see both winning another major, which is brilliant. Wouldn't it be wonderful to see Phil finally win a US Open and complete the career grand slam.

You're so right about the putting. You've got to be loose and natural to get the most out of the flat stick.

I am rooting for big Phil to complete the grand slam! That would be a wonderful watch. Let's that next year we are in for a surprise.

Defo 👍

He could be liable to shoot an 80 on Thursday or Friday though!!