Hive FPL Update: Sponsorship, Twitter, and Planning

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Authored by @belemo

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The Hive FPL project is off to a decent start. Since the first publication, we have gotten decent responses, with the discord group constantly growing.

I have reached out to different managers of various FPL leagues to bring even more players into the community. Interestingly, these are players that are all not members of Hive, what this means in essence is that this project is going to morph into an onboarding campaign of sorts.

At the time of writing, I have already secured a decent number of qualified leads and these are individuals that are already established FPL players and will most likely be joining Hive as well.

One of the managers I spoke with also stated that the league's marketing will kick off in earnest when details about the coming FPL season have kicked off. Until then, he has just been dropping hints about it on the Whatsapp channel of 66 certified FPL players.

Tell your friends

On top of that, I have also been reaching out to my friends and using this opportunity to shill Hive, if you may. I believe that at the end of the day, this project will eventually turn into a massive onboarding project for the Hive community.

While it is still in the early stages of development, we encourage people to tell their friends and family members about this project. Our target audience is anybody with an interest in FPL and according to recent data, it is anywhere between 100-200 million people worldwide.

A big part of our responsibility to our sponsors is to ensure that the project is constantly growing and adds value to the community at large.

What we want is to grow the project and eventually become a subcommunity thriving within the Sportstalk community.


The project is still seeking more sponsors to help us bolster the prize pool for participants. The more sponsors we can get, the bigger the prize pool.

At the time of writing, we have been able to secure generous support the OCD project. Through @acidyo, we know that the prize pool is going to be bolstered through upvotes that will be contributed to the prize pool.

We're currently in a positive conversation with the hierarchy of @sportstalksocial and I think it is looking very exciting. NFTs and Sports tokens will most likely be introduced as part of the reward.

I have also reached out to Rabona through my personal(@belemo) Twitter account but haven't gotten any response yet.

We're looking out for more sponsors and one thing for sure is that we will ensure the project is run transparently and fairly.

Twitter Issue

The previous Twitter account of the FPL Hive project was permanently suspended by Twitter due to some confusion. The Twitter bots believed that the account was behaving suspiciously similar to my own personal account, so we had to create a new one.

If you had already followed the previous account, sorry about the confusion. Here is a link to the new one, please give it a follow. The new account will be handled completely differently and I believe there will not be any issue.

Reward plans

Since we don't have any lump sum for the reward pool, we're going to be generating income through our publications. Earnings from the publication will then be kept aside for the grandprize at the end of the season.

OCD has indicated to support the project through upvoting of our publications and so that means we will have a constantly growing prize pool. Here's how we intend to reward participants

  • 50% of the reward from every publication will be liquidated and kept aside for the grand prize, at the end of the season
  • 40% of the reward for every publication will be assigned to the author of the post
  • 9% of the reward for every publication will be assigned to the best 3-5 teams of the week
  • 1% of the reward will be left in the Official Hive FPL account
  • Sportstalk NFTs will also be part of the reward system. We're still in discussion and it is looking very exciting. More details will be released very soon.


Since the season hasn't started yet, the 9% meant for top teams of the week will be used to power up the Hive FPL account while the HBD will be accumulated towards the grand prize. However, when the season starts, we'll revert to the schedule above. Further changes will be relayed to the community.


After working out the maths, will have a sportstalksocial proposal up and running in the coming days. The proceeds will of course be redirected towards the prize pool.

Join the community on Discord, help us reach more people by reblogging, follow @hivefpl and follow us on Twitter

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This is just the beginning and it's looking exciting already. I believe it's gonna be a bang💥💣💣💣💥💥💥💥💣💣💣.I also buttress @acidyo's point of spreading the reward . Keep it going.

I dropped a reply under Acid's comment and you can check it to tell me how you think. Note that we still have a couple of weeks until the start of the season, so we will continue tinkering with things and relay every information to our growing community

The ratio isn't a bad one. Ideas don't come fully formed, so I believe there would be an adjustment as time goes by. Well done bro.

I am very excited for this 💪💪

I am too. Looking forward to seeing how everyone lines up their teams

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This is massive

Beat me to this idea 😅.

Love it.
Let the new season begin 😌

Haha, well now you can join the league and take your revenge

Totally sir 😃

Btw one thing I forgot to ask, what plans are there for the grand prize? I.e. how will it be distributed in the sense of how much of it will the winner get and how many winners will there be? I prefer a somewhat long tail myself where as many as possible earn something at least with the top 3 still earning the biggest chunk.

It will be in a ratio, to ensure it is easily divided. The top 3 take the bigger chunk while 4-10th take consolation prizes. It will be according to a ratio of something like 6:4:2:1(first 4) and then 5th to 10th take 0.5 ratio each.

So basically;
1st takes 6/16 of the total prize pool
2nd takes 4/16
3rd 2/16
4th 1/16
5th to 10th take 0.5/16 each

It is still subject to adjustment if required but we're working with this kind of idea to ensure that the reward can easily be divided among winners.

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Fuck yeah!

I got here from Twitter and I am excited about it, please where is the link to the league so I can join and invite others as well.

I think you've joined the discord already. We will send everyone a link to join the league when the new season starts

Happy Friday night friend, sorry but I need to ask about that, let's call it Hive FPL, what is it about to see if I can be part of the community

Hi Ferod, FPL stands for Fantasy Premier League. It is a fantasy football game based on events that happen in the English Premier League.
Hive FPL is tokenising a private league and growing a database of participants

very interesting I like football and more than the Premier League I have never participated in a fantasy so if possible I would love to join you

You're welcome to join. Everybody is welcomed to participate. We will be giving pointers and share information about the FPL soon.

Visit Fantasy Premier League website here to learn more

Good to know that I'm not the only one who had doubts about what FPL meant. It would be good to always include some reference to this, to give clues to those who, like me, have doubts. Many may have them and will pass them by. I love the English Premier and I want to know more about it. I will keep learning.

Que bueno saber que no soy el unico que tenia la duda de que significaba FPL. Seria bueno siempre incluir alguna referencia a esto, para darle pistas a quienes como yo, tenemos dudas. Muchos quizas las tengan y pasaran de largo. Me encanta la Premier Inglesa y me interesa saber mas de esto. Seguiré aprendiendo.

Si amigo es importante dar pequeñas referencias para que se le haga más fácil a nuevos usuarios ingresar en la Hive FPL

Well this sporting inclusion to hive will surely bring out something new, something exciting an event. Looks good firsthand and lets hope for the best.
Welll wishes for the initiative. 👍

Fingers crossed mate. We'll make sure it works out well.

Really a great update. Will join other Hivers and the stakeholders in the SPORTS community to support this project.

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Very cool porject! The more people the funnier it will get! Hopefully a lot of people will join :D

love the ideas