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RE: The best points per minutes played FPL team

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I think Bobby Firminho will still be in the under utilised category and I won't be surprised to see him leave this season.

Eddie Nketiah only came to life at the end of last season, and was very productive as well. I wonder if the addition of Jesus will directly impact his game time. In the two preseason games, both strikers have been effective while playing together,r so it is not out of the question to think that Martinelli might give way in some games.

Anyway, have you finally settled on the team you're starting with?


I guess you've gotta watch for potential injuries or loss of form. I don't think either of those players are first choice coming into the season but you never know…

I think I’m almost there with my team. Might make 1 or 2 more changes and waiting on the outcome of a couple of transfers.