Resurgent Arsenal Side.


Arsenal are moving up the table as they are racking up the points with amazing results and performances too. Arsenal completely turned their team around as the team has given a lot of moments to their fans to brag about. Arsenal travelled away to Leeds at the Elland Road and came away with an emphatic victory. Leeds United are back and fresh from the 7-0 hammering by Manchester City but they succumbed to another hammering and this time around from Arsenal as they lost 4-1.

This leaves a huge question mark on Bielsa as his future with the team would be under intense scrutiny as they are struggling to reproduce their first season's flying performances. Martinelli's brace with Saka and Smith-Rowe's strikes completed the damage against Leeds United with Raphinha's goal turning into a mere consolation for the host team.

Arsenal should have gone ahead as early as the 3rd minute after Lacazette wasted the early chance after being found inside the box with a lovely pass. The goalkeeper blocked his attempt and Saka skewed wide the rebound with the goal at his mercy.

A smart and quick move from Martinelli gave Arsenal an early lead after he took advantage despite a possible penalty shout after Xhaka was fouled inside the box. He didn't wait for the referee to do his team any favours as the ball came to him, thanks to Lacazette's pressing and he smashed home the shot emphatically in the 16th minute.

The scoreline soon turned to 2-0 after Xhaka won the ball in the middle of the park and his brilliant defence-splitting pass found Martinelli who had it all to do as he raced on goal. Despite the pressure, he managed to get the ball into the back of the net to get his brace and confirmed Arsenal's position in the match in the 28th minute.

2 goals soon turned to 3 goals after Odegaard found Saka on the edge of the box. He brilliantly drove in but his movement was halted and thanks to another pressing from Lacazette, the ball managed to find him again and his shot went in via a deflection in the 42nd minute. It was a brilliant shot from Saka and the goal was credited to him.

Leeds United managed to get one back in the 75th minute after Ben White gave away a penalty. Raphinha stepped up to take it and he smashed home his effort to give Leeds United hope for a possible comeback but that hope was dashed in the 84th minute by Smith-Rowe after he restored Arsenal's 3 goals advantage.

The move started with Smith-Rowe stealing the ball before feeding Odegaard. Odegaard managed to hold on to the ball before finding Smith-Rowe's run into the box. He picked him out cleverly and he smashed home the shot with ease to bring the game to a 4-1 win for Arsenal. Arsenal took a giant step in the race for a top 4 finish with a clinical performance against Leeds United away from home.

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While I understand that "you can only beat what's in front of you", I honestly don't think this match against Leeds is a true indication of a resurgent Arsenal. We know how Marcelo Bielsa plays and with the number of injuries Leeds have, I don't think anyone other than some betting houses and optimistic fans of Leeds expected anything other than a comfortable win over the boys of Elland Road.

Against Westham also The Hammers had 4 of their first team defenders injured and they have had a terrible run against The Arsenal at The Emirates. Let us see The Gunners on the first of January when they play City. They might not win, but that match will show whether Arsenal are resurgent or not.

You made it sound like they have only been playing against injury ravaged teams. Before Manchester United beat them, they were on 7 games win run...after that loss against United, they have been winning too. That's what makes the difference; getting the 3 points and not excuses. If excuses can win the league, Mourinho should have won the league for many years in a row. You have to take advantage of the mistakes of your opponent and don't forget this same Arsenal side couldn't even win earlier in the season. They have been impressive for a while now and the table doesn't lie.

That was why I said you can only beat what's in front of you.. Their next match is against Norwich, another side ravaged with injuries. After that, let's see what they can do.

You seem to be preoccupied with when their form would dip and not what they have done. Football matches are not based on futuristic expectations that are uncertain. You seem to have forgotten they were almost close to relegation zone when the season started after getting whooped by Brentford. Football is about current form and writing football reviews, you don't speculate about what hasn't happened. You would be shocked if Norwich give them a run for their money. Football is unpredictable and that's my point.

I'm sure you remember the scenario wish which arsenal played those 3 games. The spine of the team wasn't there and now the spine is. We have seen Arsenal play against Brighton, Crystal Palace, Manchester United and Everton and while I understand that the premier league is quite unexpected, you will agree with me that a firing side would most likely dispatch those teams or at least be really competitive. Each of those teams outplayed Arsenal and got points from them.
Understand me. I am not saying Arsenal are doing poorly or that I expect them to drop. What I'm saying is I prefer to gauge them, test their metal, so to speak, against stronger opponents. That's all..
It was a wonderful piece and you are awesome my bruv

It's a football review of their performance that led up to this point... It's not a prediction review. If not, then it would be okay to say with the draws that Chelsea has been getting, they would slip off the top 4 even before a kicked? That's what makes football interesting... Taking advantage of whatever you can at the detriment of your opponent. Arsenal are not responsible for whatever happened with their opponents as they have to take advantage of it. My team, Manchester United still didn't take advantage of some of these lapses. We played against a make shift Everton and still couldn't win. It's not a given... regardless of the situation, you have to still work for it.