Update SPORTS with Hive Engine Features

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account = "sports-gov"

nodelist = NodeList()
nodes = nodelist.get_nodes(hive=True)
hive = Hive(node=nodes)

def transfer_token(to, amount, symbol, memo, account):
    he_wallet = Wallet(account, blockchain_instance=hive)
    transfer_tx = he_wallet.transfer(to, amount, symbol, memo)
    c = Comment(loaded_post, steem_instance=hive)
    c.reply(str(transfer_tx), "stake_tx", account)

transfer_token("sportsprojects", 1, "SPORTS", "Power down SPORTS held in @sportsprojects then transfer 100,000,000 SPORTS to @patrickulrich; fund contracts or burn remaining stake", account)


This is by far our biggest proposal request yet. Once approved it will update SPORTS to take advantage of nearly every feature available to Hive Engine tokens. This will include everything from new contracts for things like distribution and trading all the way to SPORTS NFTs! Let's break down what all I'm looking at changing with your approval.


The Proposal

There are a lot of new changes available for Hive Engine tokens that we have available to us. I would like to see us start taking advantage of these features. With this proposal I plan to upgrade our token, using the listed parameters, and pay all costs associated with the upgrade of SPORTS. In return I request a refund of SPORTS from the @sportsprojects account.

Update SPORTS to the SMT Contract

Hive Engine is moving away from the SCOT distribution model. By upgrading to the SMT contract we will keep SPORTS on the front of these changes. This will help to make SPORTS much more decentralized by moving away from SCOT bot and towards a contract run by Hive Engine witnesses.

Proposed Token Settings

I've kept most of the settings the same from our SCOT instance. The only changes I made was to add #sports and #hive-101690 to the approved tags.

Post Reward Curve: Power (r^a)

Post Reward Curve Parameter: 1
For 'power' curve, this is the exponent - 'a' of r^a. Use 1 for linear. Maximum 2 decimal precision.

Curation Reward Curve: Power (r^a)

Curation Reward Curve Parameter: 1
For 'power' curve, this is the exponent - 'a' of r^a. Use 1 for linear. Maximum 2 decimal precision.

Curation Reward Percentage: 50
What percentage of post reward should be allocated to curators. 

Cashout Window Days: 7
How long, in days, until a post is scheduled to pay out. Must be between 1 and 30.

Staked Reward Percentage: 50
What percentage of rewards should be given as staked. Should be between 0 and 100.

Reward Interval Seconds: 3
How often to add tokens to the reward pool.

Reward Per Interval: 80
How much to add to the reward pool every reward interval.

Vote Regeneration Days: 5
How long it takes to fully regenerate voting power from 0 to 100%.

Vote Power Consumption: 200
How much vote power is consumed at full voting power for a 100% vote.

Downvote Power Regeneration Days: 5
How long it takes to fully regenerate downvoting power from 0 to 100%.

Downvote Power Consumption: 1000
How much downvote power is consumed at full voting power for a 100% downvote.

Tags: #sports, #sportstalk, #hive-101690

Create a SPORTS Diesel Pool

Diesel Pools are Hive Engine's version of decentralized trading. These pools allow anyone to provide liquidity to a token pairing which allows other users to swap against that pairing. I will be purchasing a pool for SPORTS:SWAP.HIVE allowing anyone to trade SPORTS against Hive Engine's swap token for Hive.

Create Liquidity Rewards for Diesel Pool

Since there are no fees to trade on diesel pools we need a way to encourage users to provide liquidity for our pools. I would like to allocate 105,120,000 SPORTS tokens each year for liquidity providers to SPORTS:SWAP.HIVE.

Strategy Type: DieselPool
Select Fixed for predefined list of users, DieselPool for rewarding liquidity providers to the selected pool.

Number of Payments: 365
Number of times to distribute deposited tokens. Must be between 1 and 5555. Payments are distributed every 24 hours.

DieselPool liquidity pair for recipient determination.

Excluded Accounts: None
Optional. List of account names to be excluded from pool share calculation.

Create DAO Managed by Hive Engine Contract

Our tribe has strived to take governance seriously for a long time. We've already deployed solutions from ARCHON to take the vote on this proposal and manage funding in the past. This will take our governance to the next level by relying on a contract versus any single person.

In the past this our governance and funding has been done by allowing the ARCHON team to manage an account (@sports-gov) that holds assets for the tribe. Based on our voting they will send funds from that account based on our needs. This has been a great solution for decision making but leaves us trusting another tribe to support us.

Hive Engine has released a new contract that will allow us to have a decentralized contract manage our DAO. This means we can have the funds automatically stored in the contract without third party risk. This also makes it much simpler for users to request funds without needing to understand how to write the python needed to request funds from our current setup.

I confirmed that the contract for the DAO would be able to accept outside funds. With that in mind I am planning to take any remaining funds held in @sportsprojects and move them to the DAO as they were intended. This will give us quite a bit of runway to fund the account.

Payment Token: SPORTS
Token to be paid out to the ranked proposals. You have to be the issuer of the token.

Vote Token: SPORTS
Token to be used for determining stake-weighted rank. Selected token must have staking enabled.

Vote Threshold: 20
Minimum amount of stake required for proposal consideration.

Maximum Duration: 730
Maximum duration of any proposal. Must be between 1 and 730 days.

Maximum Amount Per Day: 280,000
Maximum amount of payment tokens a proposal can request

Do you want to require fee to create proposals?: Yes

Payment Method: Burn
Fee can be burned or sent to the fee payment token's issuer.

Fee Payment Token: SPORTS
Token to be used for paying creation fee.

Amount: 2500 SPORTS

Launch Outpost

One of the newest additions to the Hive Engine ecosystem is tribe outposts. These outposts look to replace tribe condensers and be a one stop home to all things associated with the tribe. We'll have a refreshed home that focuses on all of our new tools. Outposts have dedicated pages just for diesel pools and our Hive Engine DAO proposals all in the same stop. To see examples of other tribe's outposts check out CTPTalk, Palnet and Splintertalk.


The biggest feature of outposts is the ability for users to use SPORTS to launch their own NFTs! After getting whitelisted, you'll be able to go to SportsTalkSocial.com, burn some SPORTS and have your own NFT created on the Hive blockchain! There will be more about this feature in upcoming posts after its launched.

Continue Hosting Legacy SportsTalkSocial.com

I've confirmed with the Hive Engine team there will be no problem with keeping the existing site up and running. I will upgrade sportstalksocial.com to point to the new Outpost site and will point sportstalk.social to our legacy condenser site. I'm happy to keep the legacy site up and running as long as its code is supported and users are still stopping in.

The Costs

I am requesting 100,000,000 SPORTS to be sent to @patrickulrich from @sportsprojects.

How to Vote

@sports-gov will reply to this post with two comments. If you'd like to see this proposal pass then upvote the YES comment with any % upvote.


If you would not like to see that these changes implemented then please upvote the NO comment with any % upvote.



Sounds good. I have noticed that some of the tribes that moved to outposts have had some issues. In fact I haven't bothered visiting the CTP front-end in the past few days since I couldn't vote/comment properly. So I would at least not rush issues and maybe contact the other tribes to see if there are anything you need to consider.

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I seen that there were issues with the comments contract but hadn't heard about CTP's issues yet. @jongolsen, have things gotten better since the rollout?

I think you meant @jongolson. Maybe he can give you an idea of any issues to make the SPORTS change to outposts easier.

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Whoops! I thought I even checked the right profile before posting that comment. I was definitely meaning @jongolson. :)

This is a big yes !

Following what's going on in other tribes is a great Idea ! I'll try to have some share in the Liquidity pool !!

That's awesome @ykretz.sports! In the future I would like to get the tribe's opinion on adding our advertising rewards to the Diesel pools to add swap.btc to what pays out. For now though I'd just like to get the new features set up and properly running before requesting to move those funds.

I think this is a really good idea !! !LUV






@patrickulrich, you've been given LUV from @ykretz.sports.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (1/1)

A powerful YES from me...

Thank you for supporting it @rapha-el7! I'm optimistic we will get the votes for this to pass.

Really interesting to read about these integrations and development coming to SPORTSTALK tribe via Hive-engine. It deserves all the supports and more. Reblogged.

Thank you for all the support you bring @uyobong.sports! I think this will help keep us on an even playing ground with other tribes. Most importantly I think it adds many multiple layers of decentralization compared to our current setup.

I have also reblogged. Its need more attention

This is a noble initiative and I support it 💯

Thank you for the support @edenparadise! It looks set to be approved with 53.39% of SP voting in favor right now.

It's very good initiative and I hope everyone will cast their vote with Yes as I have done. With the change of update we want to see the update of our token as well in the hive engine. Thank you very much for the post and sharing. I have done my part and welcoming all to do their part by casting their vote with any percentage of upvote in the Yes comment. Thanks

Thank you for the support @engrsayful! With everyone's votes we are set to pass now with 53.39% of SP voting in favor of the proposal.


Thank you for the support @freddio!

Just upvote the Yes written comment in this post.

Esto si que esta estupendo.

Me gusta la evolución que ha tenido esta comunidad y su tokens.

Un fuerte abrazo a ese equipo que día a día esta trabajando en pro de la comunidad.

Thank you for the support @anthony2019! I'm also excited for all of the new updates.


Upvote here to STOP the proposal, any % upvote will trigger 100% GP support.
All rewards from this comment go to the governance fund

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