Tokyo Olympics tipping challenge: USA vs. Czech Republic (basketball)

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

In spite of all the problems and controversies, the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo are in full swing and finally, I am excited to host my very first Olympics tipping challenge for you today.

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There are so many different sport disciplines at the Summer Olympics that it can actually be quite tricky to pick a good one for a tipping challenge but as a proud Czech patriot, I knew immediately what sport event I would choose as the opener for my Olympics tipping series ;)

Yep, it will be the basketball game between our national team and the USA dream team. Although the Americans produced some disappointing results in the friendly games before the Olympics and they even lost their first match against France in the group, they are still considered the biggest favorites to win the whole tournament and I am sure there is no need to introduce this legendary team. Let me just say the USA won a medal at all 18 Olympic tournaments they have participated in and as many as 15 of those medals were gold ;)

As for the Czech Republic, I talked about our journey to the Olympics in this post. We managed to beat Iran in the first game and we will face France on Wednesday before taking on Kevin Durant and his elite squad on Saturday.

The basketball match between the USA and the Czech Republic takes place on Saturday, July 31 and it starts at 2 PM (CET), which is also the deadline for your entries.

Unlike with football (soccer) games, guessing the exact result of a basketball match would be too hard so let´s just guess the margin of the result. For example, you can write something like "USA will win by 20 points" or "Czech Republic will win by 7 points".

As usually, just one entry per person and no editing please. You can submit a guess that has already been submitted by someone else before if you want.

You can start submitting your guesses in the comment section below from now until Saturday, 2 PM (CET). Then, I will go through all the valid entries and give my full upvotes on the correct ones.

Good luck everyone and have fun! :)

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Ptal jsem se "odborníků" a bylo mi řečeno, že USA vyhraje o 30...

Já budu o něco optimističtější a řeknu, že USA vyhraje o 22 bodů :D

Tak jsi byl nakonec nejblíž ;) První poločas ještě vypadal hodně nadějně, ale pak se americká mašinérie rozjela na plné obrátky a naši najednou nevěděli v jakém filmu hrajou :D :/ Doufám, že finále bude Slovinsko vs. USA a že Luka dotáhne Slovince ke zlatu. Zasloužili by si ho. Ale o tom zase příště...


Těch 30 jsem teda mohl klidně vsadit :D

The USA will win by 16 poindz. I don't think they deserve it, but the historical results are in their favor.

USA will win by 13 points💪💪😎 G.O.A.T.!!

Taky mě napadl rozdíl o 22 bodů, ale to už dal @bodie7, tak budu milosrdnější. Tipuju, že prohrajeme o 19.

USA will win by 17 points

USA will win by 2 points

USA wins by 15 points. Good luck to Czech Republic though

I am really glad to see all the enthusiasm and support for the Czech national team here but feel free to be really honest and realistic with your guesses guys, I am definitely not gonna be angry if you guess against our team :D

Czech Republic will win by 10 points. !PIZZA



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Let me go with what I hope to happen :)
Czech by 1.

Sorry man, we had no chance... The first half looked promising but then, the Americans stepped up the game big time and totally destroyed us :( I hope the finale will be USA vs. Slovenia and I will be rooting for you guys. So far, it´s been Luka´s tournament.

Other than that, however, our country has been very successful at the Olympics, currently holding 4 golds, 3 silvers and 1 bronze. We are very happy and proud :)

I'll cheer for your team, I say Czech wins by 7 points! 😁

Czech goooo and let's win by 5 points :)