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Happy Sunday to all! An amazing week for the @sportstalksocial community comes to an end, but we thought before ending this week and getting back to work on Monday, why not appreciate some blogs by having a Blog of the Week.

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Blog of the Week is something we will try to do every Sunday to mention some blogs we feel have good writing and picture quality as well as good explanation and with some emotions as well. To choose only 5 blogs out of like hundreds is not easy, so if you feel that your blog should have been mentioned then keep in mind that selecting good blogs is not easy. We will try to mention new users every week so that we don’t repeat the same users.

Here are the Blogs of the Week

Wolfgangsport Blog Image

Sports.guy55 Blog Image


Sahidclement10 Blog Image

Coolguy123 Blog Image

Congratulations to the winners, we hope that all users try to keep the community running and alive by sharing their thoughts and experiences. Don’t forget to share this achievement on all Social Media platforms as well as tagging and following us. When posting on Social Media, use #sportstalksocial & #BOTW. Once again congrats to the Winners!

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Really good to see life return to the STS community. My support is assured.

Can we also revive The STS community on threads. We could secure a $LEO delegation to support our members.

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Greetings, thank you very much for evaluating my publication

Glad to see blogs being mentioned as well @sportstalksocial. Congratulations to the Winners!

Wow, what an honor to be featured. Thanks for that!

Can you ask buidawhale to add SPORTS to Burn Post bot, or maybe you could run own bot?

Hello! I sent 1000000 SPORTS @badge-000001. Can you tell me how to get a SPORTS badge?

Congratulations to the winners

Congratulations 👏 to the winners, indeed well deserved

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