My Activity On Tuesday, 12/1/2021. Work and Exercise Playing Futsal.


My Activity On Tuesday, 12/1/2021. Work and Exercise Playing Futsal.

Keep spirit.
On this occasion, I will share a little story about the activities I did today, to be precise, Tuesday, 12/1/2021. The activities I go through are the same as usual days.


After waking up in the morning, I immediately cleaned myself to take a shower and have breakfast, with my small family at home, my wife and children enjoyed a very simple breakfast accompanied by my other family. Breakfast on this day is very meaningful, with very simple food we can gather for a moment to share stories and exchange opinions about the life we ​​have been through so far, not to forget we are grateful for the gifts and sustenance that God Almighty has given to our family so far.


Breakfast is very different as usual, the difference can be seen in the food menu that I will enjoy. This breakfast menu is in the form of plain bread mixed with omelette, served by my beloved wife, breakfast starts my morning activities today.

After enjoying breakfast, I headed straight to the work location, as usual, my work as a Barista is certainly very tiring, but I am still enthusiastic and provide the best service for visitors. I went through this activity until time passed and entered a period of resting break.



During the break, I immediately cleaned myself and fulfilled my dzuhr prayer obligations then had lunch, after the break was over I immediately went back to work as a barista until the afternoon and work time was over.


When work is over, I don't immediately go home, but I continue other activities by exercising. The sport I do is playing futsal with friends. I have prepared the equipment for playing futsal from home, the trip from work to the futsal field only takes about 20 minutes by land transportation.


Arriving at the futsal field, I immediately joined my friends, a small conversation occurred between us before starting the activity. One by one I prepare futsal sports equipment and wear them, such as socks, pants, clothes and shoes. Before entering the field, I first do a light warm-up to stretch the muscles, this is so that we avoid injury.


A few moments later, my friends and I entered the field and started the sport activity for 60 minutes, like a world class match, we went through the sport seriously, passionately and full of sportsmanship. The futsal match was divided into two teams by taking a 15 minute pause before proceeding to the second half until the match was over.


After the futsal game was over, I took a short break with my friends while chatting for a while, in that conversation there was laughter and jokes towards us over. After that I headed straight back to the house, with a tired, tired, and sluggish face I finally arrived at a private residence. When I got home I went straight to the bathroom to clean myself.

After cleaning myself and wearing clothes, I immediately enjoyed a cup of coffee that had been prepared by my wife, a cup of coffee and snacks to accompany my rest.


As night approaches, I gather with my family to enjoy dinner, my children and wife and in-laws are present at the table full of harmony. After dinner I then went to bed, before closing my eyes, I talked a little about the game of futsal with my wife, our discussion lasted for a while until finally we started sleeping that night.

Futsal is one of my favorite sports besides football, I usually do this sport three times a week. Sports full of energy is very fun for me, I even participated in a few times in small tournaments with friends.

On this evening there are not many things I do, after gathering with my family, I immediately made this post while resting.

Keep spirit.
Bireuen, 14/1/2021