Time for the Moon or the other ball like spectacle Hive Fantasy Premier League

Hello Hello bees of the Hive

It is just around the corner ~ the new football season that is!

Preseason is in full swing, and as I am writing this post I am watching my team play their first friendly in Portugal against Sunderland. Typical preseason friendly where people stand off each other and don't tackle! Now the second half has been delayed due to floodlight failure 🤣

Back to the business in hand, this evening I just entered Tengo Rangers FC into the Hive Fantasy Premier League! Hopefully it might get me focused back on my @rabona team as well!

This will be a season-long league, that is FREE to enter and there will be prizes along the way.

You might think you need to be a whizz and knowledgeable about football to enter!

Well not a bit of it!

They have an Auto-Select, so you don't need to know your offside from your goal from your goalie to your striker, the computer will do it all for you!

First things first ~ Register your team

The first thing that you need to do is register for Free and create a team for free at fantasy.premierleague.com

HIVE Tengo Rangers Start.jpg
source my team screenshot from https://fantasy.premierleague.com/

This forms the offchain part.

Register with the Hive Fantasy Premier League

For more in-depth details of how the competition will be run see Introducing the Hive Fantasy Premier League which has been set up by @hivefpl

For more information on how to do this see Hive FPL Update: You can now join the mini league

  • Go the post
  • Complete the google form
  • Join the league from the code or confirmation email
  • Check the spreadsheet to see your position
  • Check the fantasy football Hive league

HIVE Tengo Rangers League Preseason.jpg
source screenshot of Hive league from fantasy.premierleague.com

It really is as simple as 1-2-3!

Being a football post I had to put a football picture in the post. I looked out my window overlooking my local football club and this was about 9.30pm tonight. Yep the moon was visible, so an excuse to take a picture with my still relatively new toy


There we have it, almost a full moon, but it is one for all the moonlovers out on Hive #selenophile


I hope that you will join in the fantasy ⚽️ fun!

I know that @b0s has entered already, what about you partner @olawalium are up for the challenge?

Anyone else????

Come on you ladies, let's be having you 😁


All images and ramblings are from me, the mad Scotsman @TengoLoTodo unless otherwise stated.


Haste Ye Back!


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Sounds good Ed. Is that Accrington Stanley FC out your window?

Hehe it is in Scotland Steve, Accrington Stanley play in England. It is Raith Rovers FC who play in the Scottish Championship

Nice to have a view over your local stadium Ed. It must be buzzing on the match days. I had a view over Croker before. It wasnt so good when Take That were playing there though! I still get chivers from that!

I was just referring to the milk advert from back in the day about AS:

Oh yes it is buzzing especially if a Cup game and one of the big boys are in town. Bedlam haha!
Take That haha yea stadiums can make for some noise. Oh yeah I remember that now!

I am definitely up for this challenge and what a season we have ahead of us. I can't wait...🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

It will be fun :)

Absolutely. I can't wait 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

hehe me neither now!

I've set up my team. Hoping they do better. 🤩🥰🥰

jeje well still plenty of time to get the right team before kick off 😁😁

That's right. It's going to be fun.


Hello hello Super Ed!
I can only wish you the best of luck in the league, go Rangers! No Surrender!
And what an amazing picture of the moon, you're becoming an expert at photographing it. 💙🌙🤗

Hello Hello Super Eli,
Well I will pick auto pick jaja I am not uptodate on the English game anymore!
the moon was cool, and seeing in daylight still was cool.
We have sun and blue skies so hopefully will catch the full moon:)

Jaja, ok :)
🤞 for that full moon and the pics that will come :)

Yes, let's keep our fingers crossed Super Eli!

oh my god Super Eli how did I not see this wee cutie:)
So adorable!

Yes, it is adorable jeje 🤞

jeje and that is you taking your crown back Super Eli:)

What it is all about Kuya?
One thing I remember about you is your love for football.
Nice meeting you here🙂

woohoo you are here inday!
Yes it is a fun way to win some Hive, you register a team and then just autopick, each week your players get points based on real life football matches!

I can't wait for the season to start. Hopefully I finish on top 😁, and maybe you can finish second, XD


Oh that would be cool if you did! I would take being in the top two😁


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Thanks for that, we all love a 🍕

I didn't know that's how easy-peasy it is to create a team in Rabona. Thank you for sharing Tito Ed. And the moon, wow!

The moon is gorgeous and I love my new toy, Wednesday is the full moon, I just pray for no clouds CJ
Have a magical new week

It is and your toy is awesome! Hope there will be a clear sky on full moon night for you to enjoy the view and get shots too. Good evening Tito Ed

Yeah an awesome toy it is CJ:) I hope so and it was cloudy tonight! Uff getting nervous now haha! Good morning to you, wishing you a tsuper tuesday:)

Oh, maybe it's cloudy now so that it won't be tomorrow and will give you a clear sky :) Thanks Tito Ed, bright sunny morning here. Hope your night is going great

I hope so, but who knows, am glad that you got sun though, have fun and enjoy that weather CJ:)

Cheers Tito Ed, let's pray the clouds will hide elsewhere when full moon comes hehe. Many thanks and have a sweet night ahead of you :)

I hope so too CJ!
Have a great Wednesday:)

That moon photo was taken by your camera? Amazing zoom :D

I didn't know you live near the football club, kuya.

Yes it was kuya, that is my new camera, the zoom is mental and that was handheld too, I will get a tripod and sort it properly, but it is so much fun to use:)

Now your fingers have something more to be busy with :D

hehe yes they do kuya!

Everything seems to be near you. A beach, an island,a stadium,talk about the perfect location ♥️.

This hive premier League seems interesting. I have never heard of such before. Since you are my best pal right now on hive, I'll be rooting for your club to win 😀😀

Don't forget the park too!I want you to make a team too, I will show you what to do, but hey you could win something, so why not and then yes RS too:)

Errrm....I am not a football fan and I can't play. I don't think it is a good idea to make a team 😀😀😀.I hate to be clueless and thrashed.

And yes the park. You are so blessed my friend.

Silly can you add up numbers?
4.5 + 5.4 = ?
There you won't be clueless!

Hhahahaha. Maybe I will sit out this one. Let me learn how it works first.

You still have time to learn and it is easy trust me;)

Alright. When do we start lessons😀

Oh gosh, soon hehe soon 😁🤑💰⚽⚽⚽