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RE: The best points per minutes played FPL team

Thanks! It's a great little cheat sheet. Matty Cash is a start for me. I'm back at the drawing board as I have Raphinha but that was with the hope he'd end up at Chelsea. Appreciate your posts as it'll help me find a replacement


Matty Cash seems a popular pick for a lot of people. It's always good to have a few bankers who aren't in the big 6!

What do you think about Sterling? £10mil seems a decent price to me for a guy with his record and I'd imagine he'll get the opportunities at Chelsea this year.


I don't have Sterling yet as I've gone Haaland and Salah in the same team. A bit of a head over heart move. I've also gone Luis Diaz but I could swap for Sterling with a couple other moves.

It's so hard!

Haha, yep. Too be honest it's all guess work at the end of the day.

I tend not to include many Spurs players because of the emotional attachment!

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