Muterra: Cross-Over Pixelart RPG on HIVE And NFT Trading Card Game On WAX

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Muterra is creating a dual-play style game on both HIVE and WAX, with a pixelart roleplay game world on HIVE and the according NFT cards with battles and breeding on WAX. The Cartel is preparing for the upcoming WAX pre-sale of this promising game with this deep dive into the world of Muterra.

Mutated Beasts and How to Play With Them


MuTerra is a pixelart RPG built on the Hive blockchain with a TCG battling system integrated with the WAX blockchain. Players will use WAX assets to fight in battles to collect additional NFTs and explore the Hive-based world. Using "Mutees" (collectible creatures), "Tamers" (the players) can explore the world of MuTerra, fight deadly monsters, and compete for honor and glory in PvP tournaments.

Based in a post-apocalyptic world where radiation has killed off much of humanity, the mutated plants and animals have risen up to reclaim their world. As one of the few survivors, players are tasked with capturing, taming and breeding Mutees in order to help preserve the human race.

Gameplay is housed within the Unity game engine, and MuTerra straddles the HIVE and WAX ecosystems using a HIVE-WAX bridge that allows for transferring cards between the two blockchains. The WAX side will be responsible for breeding and blending new Mutee NFTs while the HIVE side will provide them with functionality.

The Story So Far

First announced in the spring of 2021, MuTerra roared onto the scene with a set of airdrops for members of their Discord with a WAX address. These limited edition NFTs have since been trading on AtomicHub for hundreds of dollars apiece. Information has since continued to trickle out such as details about the first Legendary Tamer, Fiona.

Pack sales were announced alongside the introduction of the MUT token, and a treasure hunt was used as a lead-in to the first half of the 20,000 packs sold on Hive. The first 10,000 packs sold out in just 2.5 hours, but their opening was delayed until a month later when additional systems were finalized to support their minting.

Throughout it all, MuTerra has run multiple seasons of an exploration mockup game on their Discord. Top performers received Maldives packs and access to the testing phase.


MUT (Mutee Utility Token) is the native token intended for leveling up Mutees. It can be acquired by performing well in the MuTerra Discord game, burning Mutees, and other in-game rewards.

Here is an example of the MUT requirements for leveling a Very Small Mutee:


Mutees represent the mutated wildlife previously native to Earth. They will be captured, tamed, bred and fought against throughout the gameplay experience. They come in six rarities (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic) and can be of Normal or Gold (+10% Stats) quality:


Each Mutee also has the following attributes:

  • Element (top-right) of Air, Earth, Fire and/or Water
  • Size (Very Small, Small, Medium, Large, Very Large)
  • Attack (bottom-left)
  • Health (bottom)
  • Defense (bottom-right)
  • Gender (bottom-left) of Male, Female or Both
  • Edition (bottom-right) of Limited (from packs) or Wild (from exploration)

Mutees also have a Core made of one or more elements. Halving these Cores by "burning" Mutees allows for upgrading kept Mutees with matching elements.

Cages are assembled from Cage Parts found during PvE exploration and come in 4 types matching the 4 Elemental forms of Mutees. Special Cages must be purchased/built for Mutees containing multi-elment Cores, as Cages must match the Size and Element(s) of a defeated Mutee in order to capture and keep it.

Tamers represent the player avatars. While they can be interchanged, each Tamer will provide certain effects that change as the Tamer is leveled up by winning in PvP modes that are tracked by a leaderboard. Each player will start as a default Tamer at level 1 with no effects, but there have been five airdrops for limited edition Tamers along with auctions for the Legendary Tamer, Fiona. These non-default Tamers start with Mutee enhancements at their base level.

What's the Latest?

The Testing Phase has begun with limited access being granted to those that won a Fiona auction or purchased Maldives Packs during the Hive sale. For pack purchases, access is being granted to larger bundles (i.e. Megalodon) followed by smaller bundles (i.e. Millipede), with Discord Game winners being slipped in partway through and general participants being the last to join.

At some point during the Testing Phase, the WAX Pack sale will begin offering the remaining 9,000 packs for WAX. Purchasers will also gain access to the Testing Phase (after Hive pack holders). At some point after this sale concludes, MuTerra will begin its alpha launch and release the gameplay for open testing.

NOTE: A 5th season of the Discord Game and a CRATE Sale (details pending) was included in the announcement that will also provide access to testing.

Further Mutation

The latest Roadmap update revealed that there are 20 Wild Mutees that have been created in addition to the 20 Limited Mutees available through Maldives Packs. These Wild Mutees are currently being given the same "pixel" treatment that the Limited Mutees have already received:


Additional effort is being put into providing lore for every Mutee in the form of a short story. Flamander's Story has been provided as an example. In the background, Unity, Pixel and Sound work are ongoing, and the first track for MuTerra was released through their Discord.

How to Start Taming

In order to interact with any part of MuTerra, you will need both the Hive keychain browser extension and a Wax Cloud Wallet. You might technically be able to avoid the WAX Wallet, but you'll lose access to important features like Mutee breeding/blending for new NFTs. While this is all that's required to play in the Training Grounds portion of the game, a Tamer License is also required if you wish to earn rewards. This license costs $20 and will provide you with a Very Small Cage and a Very Small Mutee to start with.

While it's impossible to know which Mutees are going to be more desirable to acquire, you can still purchase specific Mutees through the in-game Market or try your luck with Maldives Packs from the secondary Market on Hive-Engine.

The Basics

Initial gameplay will be divided into Raids and Hunts (PvE) or PvP battles. PvE content will provide resources important to progression while PvP rewards top performers and levels up your Tamer.


By forming Associations (guilds/clans/etc.) with other players, you'll gain access to Raids. Their purpose and functionality is currently unknown.


You begin with an initial limit of 3 Hunts every 24hrs, which increases based on Mutee and Tamer level. Hunts take place on a map grid that involves spending a limited number of "steps" to explore the area. You'll be able to find Cage Parts and MUT or battle hostile Mutees.


When a battle is triggered, you'll select a Mutee to fight with, but pay attention to how much Stamina they have. When its Stamina runs out, you can't use that Mutee until it's sufficiently rested.

Battles are broken down into rounds with the faster Mutee (higher Speed) going first. The attacking Mutee selects an ability to use while the defending Mutee chooses how to react (Attack, Counter, Defend, Dodge). The actions are resolved, then the roles are switched and a new set of selections are made.

Combat continues until one Mutee reaches 0 HP or Stamina. A draw is declared at the end of round 10. If you defeat the Mutee, you have the option of capturing it with the appropriate Cage (same Size/Element). If you lack a suitable Cage, you will instead receive MUT.


As you continue to complete Hunts, you'll steadily amass Cage Parts and Mutees. These will allow you to acquire new Cages and upgrade your Mutee. As your experience, PvP rank and Mutee levels grow, you'll gain access to new regions. Currently, those regions are the Inner, Middle and Outer Regions.

Cage Parts

Once you've acquired enough Cage Parts, you can exchange them in shops for Cages. Pay attention to the types of Cage you're collecting, as they'll determine which Mutees you're able to capture during Hunts. In order to capture a multi-Element Mutee a Cage must be made from each of its inherent elements. Only Caged Mutees can be leveled and used in battles.

Mutee Levels

Depending on the Size of your Mutee, it will require burning Mutees (captured or otherwise) of the same size and smaller in order to level up:

(VS) Very Small1 VS10 VS11
(S) Small1 S10 S, 100 VS9
(M) Medium1 M10 M, 100 S, 1k VS7
(L) Large1 L10 L, 100 M, 1k S, 10k VS5
(VL) Very Large1 VL10 VL, 100 L, 1k M, 10k S, 100k VS3

NOTE: The consumed Cores must also match the leveled Mutee's Elemental.


The whitepaper includes information about the eventual inclusion of Staking and Mining features that will allow you to earn Fuel and MUT tokens. Until that time, the base rewards loop will involve competing in PvP for top spots paid out in MUT; completing Hunts in PvE to acquire Cage Parts for assembling extra Cages for capturing additional Mutees; and earning MUT from the various PvE activities such as Hunts and defeating (but not capturing) hostile Mutees.

Disclaimer: The above content is extracted from MuTerra's official whitepaper which is a work in progress. Hence some content may be updated in the future without announcement.

For more detailed information, check out MuTerra's blog and whitepaper.

In the meantime, keep informed by joining the MuTerra community:

This article was written by @godfather.ftw and @entrepidus, edited and proofread by @francis.melville.
Our Cartel operator for MuTerra is @godfather.ftw.


I signed up for the game and got on the Discord. Anything I can do currently, or is it just waiting, to be assigned to the testers,

Is there any recommendation to buy, since I missed the sale.

What I can see is there are some cards mentioned in my inventory. I know that I do not own them. Can I use the for playing later like Starter cards in Splinterlands, or do I need to buy own mutees.

 last year  

Super interesting looking game. Love the pixel RPG style a lot. !1UP 100 🍄

Interesting, I never even heard of this game, I Like how it it used the wax and hive chain.

This should be a really cool game it's been in the works for a while now. I got a few of the drops but missed out on the packs sadly (these things are so hard to keep up with everything lol) That being said it seems like this game is moving further away from HIVE and more towards wax?

The game will be on HIVE blockchain. But the NFTs can be sent to and from WAX chain.


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Intresting, but from where i can purchase a Tamer License?

Tamer License will be available on our site once the game is out.

Thank you !

Need to make sure I'm in on the next card drop and have some liquid hive/wax laying around. Gotta get in on this early!

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Hadn't seen this game before. Thanks for the info.