WOO General Sale Announcements and Incentives

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WOO General Sale Date Announcement

We are excited to announce to our #WOONFT community and the #HIVE community at large that our WOO Alpha pack general sale will take place on Halloween 2022! That's right, on October 31st of 2022, at 9 am EST, users will be able to purchase the remaining 30,000 WOO Alpha packs for $2, and the general sale is only purchasable with the $WOO token.

WOO General Sale Incentives

As with our last two sales, users who purchase a WOO Alpha pack during the general sale will be airdropped 1-to-1 the general sale reward packs. These general sale reward packs have a VASTLY INCREASED $WOO token airdrop rate and will also contain one exclusive WOO NFT. The exclusive NFT will either be one of the created wrestlers by @randumb, @shitsignals, and @boyobevan, or a legendary PIZZA BARON Manager NFTs; from our partners; over at #HIVEPIZZA!

WOO Wrestling Partnership Announcement

We are also very excited to announce we have partnered with former WCW/NJPW manager Sonny Onoo! That's right, the innovator of the selfie has made his way over to WOO, and we are incredibly proud to introduce our first partnered wrestling manager!

And to celebrate this fantastic addition, we are giving 600 Sonny Onoo NFTs to those who purchase our general sale! Every 100 packs purchased by a user are guaranteed one Sonny Onoo NFT, and every pack purchased will put you into a raffle for an exclusive Sonny Onoo NFT. If you want to ensure yourself A LEGENDARY SONNY ONOO PARTNERED NFT, then make sure to horde as much $WOO as you can to buy 100 WOO Alpha packs; during the general sale!

WOO Staff General Sale Purchasing

WOO Staff will be able to buy WOO Alpha packs during the general sale but will be capped at a max amount per staff member. This ensures plenty of packs for everyone who would like a pack. The max per staff member is tentatively set for 500 per staff member. This may change, but we think 500 packs max per staff member is fair at this time.

Let's Recap

This post has announced a lot, so let's go over the high spots.

  1. We will sell 30,000 WOO Alpha packs at 9 am EST on October 31st
  2. WOO Alpha packs will only be purchasable with the $WOO Token
  3. WOO Alpha packs will cost $2 per pack
  4. Users will get one general sale reward pack airdropped for every 1 WOO Alpha pack purchased from our official site during the sale
  5. Users who buy 100 WOO Alpha packs will be guaranteed a Sonny Onoo NFT
  6. Every WOO Alpha pack purchased will put you in a raffle for the remaining Sonny Onoo NFTs
  7. WOO staff is capped on how many WOO Alpha packs they can purchase
  8. General Sale Reward packs have increased $WOO token airdrops
  9. The Sonny Onoo NFT is the single best NFT for $WOO NFT mining

In short, $200 spent on the WOO General sale will get you the following: 100 WOOALPHA packs, 100 General Sale Reward packs, and 1x guaranteed Sonny Onoo NFT!


Buy WOO Token and stake your WOO for APY!

Claim your airdrops for holding packs!

Use your NFTs in our minigame or WOO NFT mining!

Visit our website and market!

Follow WOO on Twitter and join our Discord!

Check out our WHITEPAPER!

Get your packs from Hive-Engine and Tribaldex

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And yet another partnership? You guys are on fire. So glad to be part of this journey. WOO! and !1UP


WOO! Let's gooooo!


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This is wonderful news


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