Wrestling Organization Online White Paper AKA The Dirt Sheet

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Wrestling Organization Online is a play-to-earn business management game where players can build their Organization by acquiring wrestlers, upgrading facilities, and competing to earn more of the game's own token $WOO.

We look to give a unique experience with this game, as this gameplay style has a proven track record with our audience. Since the early wrestling magazine days, there has been a need to create wrestlers and promotions and compete against others. This trend has continued into the Modern era with the advent of video games, and modes like "GM mode" have been held in high regard with our target audience.

We are developing a fun game that has a direct target audience, aspects of a tried and true business management style, and potential for play-to-earn opportunities. Players will earn WOO by:

[ ] Competing against others with ever-increasing difficulty

[ ] Purchasing Land and establishing a home base, and collecting fees for shows run in your area

[ ] Joining together with other wrestling Organizations to create a promotion

[ ] Participating in tournaments and special events

[ ] Staking the game token $WOO

[ ] Upgrading wrestlers for sale or lease on a marketplace

We're also looking to positively impact the wrestling industry and help wrestlers by implementing NFT versions of independent wrestlers. Wrestling Organization Online will use a percentage of all transactions to purchase merchandise from partnered wrestlers. Wrestling Organization Online will then use this merchandise for future community giveaways. We believe this will help bring the community together and lead to the tangible utility of $WOO.


Every player will create and manage a traveling wrestling organization in this game. As they travel and grow their business and roster, they will have the option of picking a location to use as a base of operations. By choosing a base of operations, the company can start upgrading its Organization in various ways. Players will also be able to create promotions, a collection of individual organizations working together to increase their earnings in a territory. Rival Promotions in the same territory will compete to see who the best Promotion is and reap the rewards.

Players will buy, sell, lease, and borrow their wrestlers from other players. The wrestlers can also be leveled up and unlock new abilities as they grow in skill. Wrestlers will be acquired mainly through pack purchases and include the following types.

[ ] Male wrestler - used in single male matches

[ ] Female wrestler - used in single female matches

[ ] Tag teams wrestlers - used in tag team matches

[ ] Managers - assigned to help a wrestler in the match


Wrestling Organization Online will allow users to upgrade their wrestlers by combining NFTs. By combining NFTs, users will burn NFTs for increased levels and stats. We believe this will increase the value of the NFTs and the packs and increase the utility for playable NFTs.


Wrestling Organization Online will offer the ability to create Championship Titles by burning $WOO. These will be NFTs that represent the promotions Championship. Titles will be won, lost, and automatically handled on the blockchain. The blockchain will retain all information of title history to remain transparent.

Wrestling Organization Online will incentivize players to put a Championship on the line by increasing the $WOO payout for title matches. There will be a $WOO payout bonus for this high-stakes match when a Championship Title is up for grabs. This increased $WOO payout will also give a portion of the winnings as a kickback to the Promotion that created the title. We believe this feature will be a vital feature within Wrestling Organization Online. It will provide Promotions and Organizations with increased brand awareness and incentives for creating a Championship Title.


Not only will you be able to upgrade your wrestlers, but you can also purchase gear. Gear will be an NFT attachment used to increase the wrestler's performance.


Wrestling Organization Online is for everyone. It will be playable from a computer or a mobile device anywhere in the world. We believe the core audience that will initially be interested in this game would come from the wrestling community and casual business management game enthusiasts.

Target audience users:

  1. Young males and females under 40 with mobile devices or computers.
  2. Promotion owners will incentivize players to run shows in various territories.
  3. Collectors: we offer unique digital assets with real utility that we believe will appeal to collectors.
  4. Die-hard wrestling fans: offering ways to help independent wrestlers, we believe our coin and game will be a very sought-after commodity within the community.


Wrestling Organization Online will provide an excellent opportunity for players worldwide, thanks to its play-to-earn features, supported by both in-game and blockchain mechanics.


Wrestling Organization Online's native token $WOO will be a multifunctional payment and utility token. $WOO is the foundation our entire game will run on.

It will serve as the native in-game currency within the ecosystem and a staking resource. The initial token demand will be by the in-game utility. Players will initially leverage $WOO to acquire digital assets such as wrestlers, managers, Land, gear, building upgrades, and championship titles.

In the future, they will also become incentivized to earn $WOO to get passive benefits, participate in the ecosystem governance by voting, upgrade NFT assets, gain access to certain content, participate in unique challenges, Token staking, and more.

Token Distribution

The planned token distribution can be found HERE


Wrestling Organization Online will incorporate a territory and land function that will recreate the early days of wrestling. The Land will be an NFT representing parcels within the Wrestling Organization Online metaverse. There will be a fixed supply of Land, thus making it scarce, and it will be necessary to place other available assets and give various other benefits.

Wrestling Organization Online will execute the Land sales in different auctions announced later.


The Marketplace will allow players to buy and sell their Land, Wrestlers, Gear, Championship titles, and other assets in a free market. We believe this will increase financial incentives for users to purchase and enhance their NFTs and upgrade various aspects of their Organization.

Users will use $WOO as a currency within the Marketplace, and a fee will apply to every transaction. Wrestling Organization Online will use a percentage of the fee to buy merchandise from various partnered wrestlers, and Wrestling Organization Online will use it for events and community giveaways. We feel this will bridge the blockchain with the natural world and increase the utility of $WOO and our NFTs.


Hopefully the launch of the game will coincide with the recovery of the uptrend in the market.

Good profits and lots of fun for all players and investors.


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Does the marketplace work? I can't seem to find a button to list NFTs.

wow this is a very cool game, thank you for presenting it today nice to meet you, don't forget to stop by my channel, so I can continue to work on this hive