WOO Token Airdrop Starting July 13th

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WOO Token Airdrop Update

We have a new update for our #WOONFT community, and it's regarding our upcoming $WOO Token airdrop.

Before I start, I would like to thank our Lead #HIVE developer @tobias-g for working so hard to make the airdrop as beneficial and fair as possible. There have been slight changes from our last airdrop update, but what hasn't changed is WOORAVENand WOOSATURN will be worth more airdrop points than WOOALPHA, and our general sale reward packs will be worth the most.

Ok, enough build-up, let's get into the nitty-gritty.

$WOO Airdrop Explained

The $WOO airdrop, coming July 13th, aims to provide a fair distribution of $WOO tokens to both present and future holders across all of the different packs within the $WOO ecosystem.

Because of this, we've decided to move away from our previously stated point method and instead dedicate reward pools for each pack.

Following this announcement, we plan to have four reward pools weighted by their supply and value within the $WOO ecosystem. The below currently shows how much of the total daily rewards are spread across each pool:

Alpha PacksSaturn PacksRaven PacksGeneral Sale Reward Packs


The $WOO Token airdrop is scheduled to last 365 days, which means that the minimum daily rewards for a single day are 164,383.5616 $WOO. The distribution to each pack category will look like this:

Alpha PacksSaturn PacksRaven PacksGeneral Sale Reward Packs
16,329.43448 $WOO19,595.39976 $WOO19,595.39976 $WOO108,863.3276 $WOO

On day one of the airdrop, the following total packs will be circulating:

Alpha PacksSaturn PacksRaven PacksGeneral Sale Reward Packs
29379 / 6000020000 / 2000020000 / 200000 / 40000

As you can see from the above, there are still quite a few packs to be distributed within both alpha & rewards. As mentioned before, we didn’t want to distribute all of the rewards to current holders and instead create an airdrop that appeals to new holders alike.

When considering this, we have decided only to distribute the rewards in relation to the number of packs that have ever been minted. This means that on day one of the airdrop, 28.70% of the total reward is circulating; therefore, only 47,186.507116 $WOO will be distributed on day one.

This is especially important for Alpha packs as the max rewards build up in the pool until more packs are minted. The max reward pool would be 7,995.707594 $WOO, with the remaining balance rolling over to increase the total reward pool for day two. This will continue until all WOOALPHA have been distributed into circulation.

This provides a small reward for getting in earlier; however not enough to deter new investors and players from entering the airdrop and WOO ecosystem.

One of the unique aspects of this airdrop is each pack has its own reward pool, meaning each time a pack has opened, the rewards for that particular pack are distributed to other holders of the same pack type. This means rewards will continue to increase as we draw closer to the game launch as its inevitable packs will be opened.

Day One Rewards Sneak Peek

Below is a table showing information on how many tokens will be airdropped to each pack type. Keep an eye on WOOALPHA allocation, as you will see tokens will roll over and continue to build up until the general sale.

Pack% Reward PoolMax SupplyCirculatingDay 1 Max WooDay 1 Woo Allocation

Here is an example of day one token distribution to one of our staff members @munchiesmcgee

88.80611159 $WOO580.20266022 $WOO870.95166640 $WOO1,539.96043821 $WOO

An interesting thing to remember is @munchiesmcgee has 353 WOOSATURN packs and over 2x as many WOORAVENS with 860 packs but only gets 50.1% more token for holding over 2x as many packs. This is because 7,319 WOOSATURN packs have been burned out of the 20,000, and only 257 WOORAVEN packs have been burned out of 20,000, thus making WOOSATURN packs more valuable for holders as fewer are in the pool.

In Conclusion

We have made slight changes to how the airdrop will work, but we believe not only is this a more fair way of distribution, but it will also increase a person's individual airdrops over the previous method.

$WOO Airdrops will start in exactly one week from this announcement, and the ONLY way to buy General sale packs to get the General Sale Reward packs (which again hold over 66% of all $WOO airdrop rewards) is with the $WOO token.

So, push, shove, scratch, and claw to get WOO Packs from the secondary markets to secure your spot in the $WOO Token airdrop.


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I'm extremely excited for this. The pool system makes sense.

There are quite a few packs still up for grabs folks but they are starting to disappear!


I can't wait for this project to take off.
My personal goal is owning 2% of the Alphapacks. 1200 packs will be mine come general sale, even if I have to sell everything I own, except for myself :o).


pretty big game changer, hope everyone reads this 1


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Definitely worth the read, big things coming for WOO! Gonna get some packs while I still can :D

So you have to buy something in order to qualify for an airdrop? This is not exactly how airdrops normally work.

Airdrops usually reward those who are active in the community, this could come in a number of different forms, but we've chosen to reward those who believe in the vision of the game and one metric for that is them buying packs at an early stage.

There will be quite a few ways to get your hands on WOO, not including the market, so if you haven't managed to get yourself any packs yet there is still plenty of ways out there.

Airdrops come in hundreds of different forms, take a look at ENS, Uniswap, Splinterlands or Looks, all different, but we believe our approach allows for fair distribution of tokens to both current and future pack holders, meaning it's never too late to get involved with what we're creating.

Tell that to #splinterlands and countless other games that have done it this way.

Splinterland has a solid concept for years. You can´t compare that with WOO, right?
What about Ragnarok and Threespeak? Nobody had to buy anything for their airdrops.

Doesn't change the fact that there are numerous ways to do an airdrop.


WOO is bringing territory wrestling to hive blockchain. We are partnered with former WWE wrestlers and you get tokens for holding assets. If you're a wrestling mark then this is the place for you. https://discord.gg/tqeMj3c9ka