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RE: Fun with Homekit, Smart Light Notifications on Raspberry PI temperature

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Why did you get the 4GB? Are you using that much ram?
There isn't much that goes over 2GB that you would run on a Pi, and the 2GB dropped down to 1GB price, so they seem to be the sweet spot right now.


The price difference was not much. And I'd like to host more stuff in time with the Pi, so bought a 4GB one, but I agree 2gb looks like a sweet spot at the moment.

I’m ordering a few 2GB but want to get a 4GB to try running a Bitcoin node on.

Just don’t see a lot of need for 4GB as anything that needs that much a Pi typically doesn’t do well. But there are some use cases like a Bitcoin node, clusters, and so on that’s why I was curious if you were using much ram.

What are your use cases on multiple pieces? Additional thought: 4 GB might be enough to run MIRA with a SSD attached.

I currently have around 10 Pis.

I use one on my 3D printer for "octoprint" which allows me to print over the network rather than moving an sd between computer and printer as well as other things.

I have one on tv for RetroPie to play 8000+ games from before 2000 on 50 different consoles.

I have a Pi zero for same purpose but for the portable RetroPie I made.

I use one for my wireless controller for Ubiquity devices.

One for Pi Hole for network wide ad blocking.

I got another one on my tv as a plex client (media center viewer).

Got one attached to a camera I use from time to time for projects like time lapse.

I got one for my son to learn programming and electronics but he really just doesn’t have interest.

Then I have a few just lying around (Pi 2 my first, and a few 3’s and zeros spare).