Pixelart Contest #8- Theme: Reptile

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Hello everyone! Welcome back for another Pixelart community contest! The main goal is to have some fun <3 This week's theme is "Reptile" :D The theme is open to interpretation.

The winner(s) will get this post's total payout number but in Hive.

Any donations to the prize pool are appreciated and you get to pick the theme. <3

I'll pick the winner, your post quality can influence my choice.
Depending on the prize pool size I'll pick winner(s) and possibly honorable mention and random winner. ^^

Minimum prize pool is 5hive.


● Most important- Only Original Art!!
● No copying other pixelart
● You can use photo reference (CC0 photos recommended).
● Non-traditional pixelart is welcome: like color pencils on paper (or voxel)
● No auto-pixel filters/programs allowed
● At least 1 art progress picture
● Comment on any Pixelart community post (other than my posts), lets improve the engagement and positivity :)
● Make a post in Pixelart community (or crosspost)
● Share your art preview and post link the comments so I don't miss it
● Use pixelart as one of your tags.

● ヽ( ・∀・)ノ Remember to put some effort into how you write your post- OCD is watching, so you have a chance to get curated ;)

Deadline is Thursday 11.9, 10:00 UTC/GMT -not strict, you can basically enter until I choose the winners.
I'll announce the winner and next contest theme on Thursday, around same time as this post.
Feel free to ask any questions or add any suggestions in the comments.


I think we had a record number of entries this week :D

Previous Week's Winner: @librepensadora


Check the full image here! https://peakd.com/hive-102502/@librepensadora/my-digital-drawing-or-pixelart-contest-7-forest-spanish-english

This is amazing!! Really love the composition and nice color contrast with the deer. Also the post is incredibly detailed, highly recommend checking the drawing steps ^_^

Honorable Mention: @damoclesart



it's so pretty and adorable :D Very creative interpretation of the theme.

Random: @ykroys



Awesome drawing! Love the perspective ^^

Check full drawing here: https://peakd.com/hive-102502/@kristyglas/pixelart-contest-7-theme-forest



Dragon Head Winners: (my blog) @rootdraws & (pixelart community comment) @janaveda
More info

Also I'll give a Giant Frog Nft to whoever makes most (and genuine) comments in Pixelart community till Monday ^_^



The cover image is my art process.gif



This prompt list is just for fun, I'll give out a 5hive reward to whoever draws most prompts.

If you liked these drawings, please don't forget to check out and support the awesome posts in Pixelart Community

I'm looking forward to your entries!!! ^_^


Good day to all.

Oh! my dear @kristyglas today I woke up to the pleasant news of having won this award.

Thank you very much for taking my work into account in such a unique contest.

Congratulations to the other winners.

I really liked the design of @damoclesart It is lovely

Happy day

Thank you for participating and for taking so much time and effort for your entry <3 Looking forward to more of you art ^_^

Of course, my friend I´ll be there

Greetings friend, excellent pixelart, congratulations to the winners, by the way I promoted the Pixelar community in a hive initiative, if you want to see the link

Thank you! And sure, please link it :D

This is how more creators join in the contest

thanks for the mention jeje :D

Welcome and thank you for participating ^_^

Great works, everyone! 🤗

PS: I think you copy pasted the deadline from the previous post... 😜

Deadline is Thursday 4.9, 10:00 UTC/GMT -not strict, you can basically enter until I choose the winners.

Thank you for the catch! Fixing now :D

Congratulations to the winners. I really enjoyed his works and I hope to continue the visual feast with the new challenge from @kristyglas.

I loved it, it reminds me of video games from the NES era

Thanks for the Dragon Head.

Excellent @kristyglas. See you at the next contest! Thanks
Congratulations to the Winners! @damoclesart y @librepensadora

Thank you so much, friend @ykroys

Cool contest, I might try. I don't know if anyone can better your cover image though

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Aww thank you, first of all you don't compete against my art, it's just an inspiration xD Next, I try to do decent random giveaway prize, so beginners have a good chance to win something as well.

That deer one is pretty amazing :O

Your croc is a bit hard to see but that's perfect for a terrifying ambush predator who pretends to be a log XD

I agree that it's hard to see xD but was lazy to fix it. It does look a bit better zoomed out

Thanks for doing this awesome contests! :D they have been really helpful for my growth <3 😊💖

Good morning, dear friends of Pixelart Community

Hi @kristyglas Here I leave my participation in the #8 Contest. I hope you like it



Here is my entry, sorry for the delay, I did not remember what I had to comment on, it is my first time in this challenge x.x!