It wasn't like me

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It wasn't like me the girl used to be longing for days of adventure and excitement. I'm not feeling stuck in a rut like I was once; however, I really enjoy everything at the moment :) Being around with Jetti, talking to her (even she never responds back to me 😆), and walking her daily is joyful, being a homegirl and enjoying gardening, cooking, eating and sleeping are never bored 😃


The past holds a vivid memory of a time when I was more adventurous and daring. While writing this, I miss the days I spent outdoors with friends when we climbed a mountain, camped somewhere in the woods, or spent the night by the sea. From stargazing to long conversations around a campfire were memorable. At times, we screamed joyfully or just sat quietly enjoying nature's beauty during our adventures. Those memories are special and cherish. They bring out strong emotions and feelings. :)


I miss Da Nang beach. I miss being able to swim in the cool morning ocean and watch the sun dip below the horizon at night. Don't get me wrong. Beaches here in Melbourne are stunning, however, I find it challenging to swim due to the cold water or strong waves. Not complaining, well, the fact is I'm not a good swimmer. 🙂

It's said that people change when we get older or maybe something happens. Well, some of us will go through dramatic changes while others make small adjustments here and there. This is especially true for me, I think :) After years of moving from place to place, I begin to crave stability and a feeling of rootedness. I'm in a safe place I can call home; and surrounded by the people I love most. Can't complaint at all !! No need to be the adventurous girl all the time as long as I feel comfy and happy :)


I'd rather being a sleepyhead instead of an emotional mess 😃

They're both irrelevant, but they're true to me.😆 We all experience emotions: some good and some bad, but we have a choice as to which emotions we decide to focus on :)

Just my random thoughts and musings that have been on my mind and I want express myself and my feeling. What about you? Have you seen yourself change, and if so, which way? I'm looking forward to hearing it ^^

Thanks for reading and I hope you're feeling good

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I hear you Trang. Been living a nomadic life for more than a decade but when at a foreign place for too long, no matter how cool, I always start to miss my original home, family, friends and all the things I do there. On the other and, when staying home for too long, the urge to travel and see new places emerges again... I know it sounds weird but it does feel like there should be some healthy balance in my case. Maybe you can relate, I don´t know...

@tipu curate

Yes I can relate I too get itchy feets sometimes. I control that urges or may missing of family with Facetime phonecalls. (I was in the phone 2 hours with close friend yesterday haha) I feel completely comfortable knowing ghat I can this anytime I wish ^^

Thanks @phortun, really appreciate your words :)

Hello dear friend @trangbaby good afternoon
I think that at some point in our lives we all go through this type of transition, and it is common for us to miss some activities or memories of experiences.
I love the life you lead in Jetti's company, which by the way is very beautiful
have a beautiful day

Thank you @jlufer Jetti is a great accompany and a good girl :) I really enjoy being around her :)

Beautiful photos! Beautiful you and beautiful Jetti! I guess that's life, full of changes, I miss a lot of things too, and now my life is so different (not complaining) just thankful for then and now but I would love to see my friends again. Greetings!

I miss a lot of things too, and now my life is so different (not complaining) just thankful for then and now ❤️

Love it, we're lucky that we still alive and enjoy life each day, can't be thankful enough :) Thanks for stopping by, really appreciated it :)

I'd rather being a sleepyhead instead of an emotional mess 😃

Emotions are which makes us human. The events in our lives sometimes makes our life an emotional rollercoaster.

Have you seen yourself change, and if so, which way? I'm looking forward to hearing it ^^

Life is a constant change. Life is full of changes. Everyone change. Hopefully for the better. We all changed a lot for example in the previous 20-30 years. Both in physical looks, and in thinking too. We become richer with experiences and with memories every day.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

Emotions are which makes us human

So true and they are an integral part of what it means to be human. 🙂 We have our own unique journey, however at some point in life, we experience the change. Thanks for this great comment and hope yourself having a great weekend @xplosive

Hello @trangbaby, happy and blessed afternoon. Recently I met with some friends and we recalled many experiences and deduced after a long chat that the years do not pass in vain. Enjoy what you do and with your dog, be happy, that has no name.

am glad to hear that you had a good time with your friends and enjoyed sharing with them :)

Enjoy what you do and with your dog, be happy, that has no name.

❤️ thanks

Yes, like a tree, we need to root ourselves 😅 I am curious, how does your dog answer back to you. Barking?

I also changed a lot lately. Emotionally too. I guess it's called getting old haha

'getting' ? ;-) Hope you and the family are healthy and happy 'young man' :-)

Ouch 😳 😂 hahahaha fair enough. You too 👊👍 young fella

If Jetti talks back to me, it sounds to put the whisky bottle away haha. "Getting old" sad but true. Hope your dọng well and thanks for stopping by :)

I’ve seen myself change so much lately. From being a good student to someone that’s even scared to write a test. I know mine is in the negative direction 😅 but it’s my current situation

Not good girl, study is very important for your future 😊 Does anything distract you? 😅

I do have a lot of extra curricular work but I’m getting a balance of everything

As we travel through life, changes in circumstances and in ourselves mean that things we do, or enjoy also change. It's not about getting older, although obviously we all are, but simply about the journey of life. Its nice to look back and reminisce without regret, and remember the things we used to do but trust me, as a 56 year-old, stuff is neither better nor worse, just different. We all choose our activity so as long as you choose what makes you happy at any time or place. All is good! Just NEVER determine what you do by your age though. Always by what will make you happy.
Have a great week and take care, be safe and be happy always:-)

What you told is so true, yeah age just a number even 56 years young haha. Forever young :) It's all about the mindset, and living this life we have is one chance and we should make it worth 😊

Your kindness and support are greatly appreciated as always, Nathen. You too have a wonderful week.

We move through different stages in our life where our needs and preferences change, and this is perfectly normal. The most important thing that you're enjoying where you are now, both mentally and physically, and sound like you are!

I can't agree anymore :) It's a part of the journey and life 😊 we accept and adapt it as the way we'd love to be as long as we're content with everything. Thanks Pauline for the comment, much appreciate it :)

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Many thanks @bhttg

Surreal feelings at a beautiful place 😍

Thanks :)

Nice peace.

Letting go and being one happy person with furry friend, most definitely more rewarding to being highly strung!


Yes, totally agree dear @joanstewart our furry friend seems to be very good at relaxing and being most of the time ❤

Thanks for stopping dear :)

They make sure you get outdoors regularly which is a good thing 😄