Start your own Netflix service in under 1 day

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Run your own Netflix streaming site!

Netflix, Hulu & Amazon Prime Video need some competition!

We launched the free Hive-Tube server plugin for this very reason. It gives you everything you need to start up your own P2P streaming platform with unbeatable syndication.

Netflix and others require you to pay them a subscription fee, but why bother with that when we have Hive? Using Hive-Tube, you can now host whatever movies, sitcoms, documentaries etc that you want to and earn a sustainable income (unlike Netflix).

P2P syndicated streaming is dirt cheap now

You can run your own server if you like, but we also offer dedicated server packages for under $80/month. The more quality content that you host, the more you and the Creators earn. Creators can also earn passive income from auto-recurring tips (similar to Paypal/Patreon). Streams are all P2P too, so you'll never have to worry about insane bandwidth expenses.

Indie Filmmakers rejoice! 🎉

  • With Hive, video Creators can earn a decent income without having to get their scripts "approved".
  • Creators can be as creative as they've always dreamed.
  • Do you want to host streams that are Rated-X? Rated-R? Rated-G? Whatever. You run the server, so you make the rules.

Tor/onion, Lokinet and I2P 🔒

If your users want privacy, that support is built-in to all Hive-Tube servers and RSS feeds as well. Offering this level of service increases the number of Creators on your platform. With parental controls enabled, you can keep the kids away when necessary too.

Unbeatable syndication 📡

All Hive-Tube hosts offer RSS as well as syndication across both the Hive and Fediverse networks. That's thousands of places where viewers can consume your content.

No more walled gardens!

A Hive-based tuner/aggregator to rule them all 💪

HiveCast is the new app we are finishing up that enables you to tune in to any streaming media in the world that offers an RSS feed, or Hive-Tube host (of which there are many).

Watch movies, tv sitcoms, documentaries and more on your TV, PC or Mobile and interact in real-time with the Creators! Here's how:

Please support HiveCast DHF Proposal #274. Let's FOSS & Launch!

💥 Peakd:
💥 Ecency:
💥 Hivesigner: Click here or here


I voted for the Proposal soon after it was posted. It's sad to see that you have only received 38% of the votes needed. These are the things that make me doubt the decision making and priorities of the HIVE whales. You are a developer with a proven talent and there is enough money left in the DHF to easily support your Proposal.

Hopefully they will see the light. We bring users to Hive who actually stick around and contribute value to the chain, so I hope they have seen that. I try to talk about that in many of my posts. Not only that, but we've built killer apps that literally can replace the likes of youtube, netflix, spotify, etc.

When we come together, we can do great things! 💪🤠

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I cannot wait :S

That's incredible
So you mean we can upload and watch movies on Hive?
I love that!

Check out our DHF Proposal above and be sure to vote! :)

Would love to get a .loki address setup for my site...was there a guide anywhere on how to do that?

Yep, it's in your Oxen wallet. More info on that here:

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