Qurator is on HIVE! Operations and Witness update

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With all the things going on and changes across the board we are happy to announce we will be launching with full force on HIVE! We wanted to let the dust settle a bit before we made this announcement to see what direction we will take and what role we will play on the Hive platform.

Qurator is happy to come to Hive and start a new journey here. Steemit has seen some rough ups and downs and we feel that Hive gives us all a good chance to kick things off on a higher note.

This will be a quick update on what lies ahead for the Qurator community here on Hive and what will happen to the Qurator community on Steemit.

We have been on Steemit for nearly 3 years, curating and supporting content creators and we want to carry on with that tradition here on Hive so without further ado this where we are heading.

Qurator and Hive post curation

On steemit we curated our members manually and automatically with our curation bot system. This time around we want to try something different and move away from memberships and automation. From now on the Qurator account will only curate posts manually. No more memberships. Our team of moderators and curators will be scouring Hive to find content worthy of upvotes and support.

Delegations and upvotes

On Steemit we always gave back more than we received from our community. Delegations and upvotes to @qurator made sure that members could receive a little more support in the form of upvotes and Qurator tokens. For Hive delegating or upvoting Qurator posts will not result in any upvote bonuses. Instead delegations to the Q account will ensure a portion of our curation rewards being paid out daily in the form of Hive. The exact percentage will still be determined and we are currently getting the coding done for the payout system. Currently, we are looking at around 80% of ALL curation from the @qurator account. That means that curation from the 30K HP that @qurator holds will be included in the payouts.

We will continue curating and featuring members as well as continue with our competitions on Hive. Some will be the same and some will have some twists. Those will start next week and we look forward to serving the community again with upvotes and rewards for their competition efforts and entries into our weekly competitions.

More details to follow as we get the coding done on our end. We will keep you all posted as we get everything ready and up to speed with the current Hive systems.

The Daily Qurator posts will continue on Monday and we will also host a competition for a new cover for the Daily Qurator posts. So if you are a graphic designer be on the lookout for that post.

What will happen with Qurator tokens from Steemit?

Since we are unsure what Steem-Engine holds for us and the Hive community we decided to keep tokens on Steem side of things and move to a new fresh approach. That means delegating to @qurator on Hive you will no longer be earning Qurator tokens, instead, you will share in the daily curation payouts.

Holding Qurator tokens will still allow you in your share of Steem payouts from our account on Steemit.

Witness Update

We are 100% committed to Hive and our witness is also updated to the latest Fork to serve the community and Hive. We will no longer have a Steemit witness and will instead fully support Hive with our witness server. Thank you to @privex and @someguy123 for making this possible in the early stages of Hive.

Our current witness rank is #58 and we will use the earnings to pay for server costs as well as growing the HP of the Qurator account in order to give better returns to our supporters who delegate to @qurator.

As always we are open to questions and suggestions and would like to hear from the community. Until then, HIVE ON!


Glad to know @Qurator is here to stay and that you are seeing chances to improve your own quration system! Cant wait for the updates 😜

Loved that you say quration system! Haha, so many call us curator and this totally makes up for it. Thank you.

Happy to be here and to try and be better for the sake of Hive and improvements!

Amazing. Thank you for switching to manual curation, and assisting content creators in this way.

We think it was the way to go. The token held us back a bit with this on Steemit since 50% of our curation went to token holders, this way we can pay delegators 80% of our curation and we can finally go manual. Think it is much better this way.

Appreciate the support! =)

I've seen your transformation right from the beginning! :) Exciting times ahead!

You have indeed been riding this train with us for ages now, appreciate all the support over the years.

I am excited for manual curation as well. Is there a way that we can help with that?

Not just yet, but we are thinking about it. Would want to reward curators as well, so once we discuss it some more and get coding done then we will let everyone know.

Cool. Thanks for the reply.

Welcome aboard!

Thank you! Happy to be here!

Welcome @qurator. Thanks for all the support in the past! Nice to have you here!

You are most welcome and we are sure to support you here on Hive as well, keep up the good work and upvotes are sure to follow. =)

I'm glad you decided to go full manual. I'm much more inclined to support the project that way. With the automated curation, you can upvote crap inadvertently. I'll be increasing my delegation gradually as I power up more Hive. Keep up the great work!

You are 100% correct there, it was easy at first to control upvotes going out making sure they go to quality content but there were a few that slipped through the cracks. This way it will be much better. Appreciate the support, thank you!

Cool! I am onboard. We are in this together!


So you're not also sure if the tokens in steem engine will also available in HIVE? Then is there a benifits of holding your own tokens in steem?

For now we can't see bringing the tokens over to Hive. Not with the uncertainty of things. So for now the Q Tokens will stay in Steem and pay out 50% of the curation the @qurator account on Steem makes.

Thanks for all the support you have given me! I know Qurator has a bright future ahead! ❤️

Thank you! We will keep on supporting here as well!

I shared this post on twitter here:

Interesting changes for sure!

Thanks! Hope all works well :)

This is great 😊

Thanks for this update. I'm gonna delegate some HP as soon as I get my tokens back.

Thanks a lot for the support! :) Feels like a new beginning!

Just delegated some of my HP, I will delegate more if I get my stake back. Hive on!

Cool. I'm with you. As always. :)

Good news. Welcome aboard!

Saweet keep us updated on how to delegate Hive tokens I want to do a double delegation to what I was from the Steemit side. Cheer$;)

Hi @craigcryptoking! I`m here to help :) If you want to delegate, please make a comment (for example replay to this one) like this:
I want to delegate X sp to @user
Where X is the amount of SP and @user is the steem user you want to delegate to. For example:
I want to delegate 100 sp to @qurator
@tipU will answer with a delegation link. Hope this helps!:)

Great to hear, I have a 100HP delegation to you already so I am glad to hear that my account is already earning $$ beyond blogging and curation for me.

For sure, we are still working on a payout bot for those that delegate to us here on Hive. Should be done pretty soon. Appreciate the support =)

Glad to see @qurator on Hive blockchain. :)

Happy to be here ;)

Good News :)

Once things settle I will re-instate delegation, did stop delegation on the other side day before we all moved.

To new beginnings!

Thank you very much! Happy to see you on this side too.

To new beginnings! :)

I'll redelegate to @Qurator on Hive, but it seems the Qurator token on Steemit is now a bit worthless if you are ending curation and operations there. Should I just go ahead and dump it?

We are not ending curation on Steem right now. We will support on both chains but with some differences.
That is totally up to you :)

Welcome to the hive, I need to ask you something,

What i need to do to get my content curated from @qurator?

Post original content and source images if they are not yours. We try to curate as many different accounts but can't always reach out to everyone. As long as you post good content, someone will curate you. =)

Thanks for the quick response ;) Is it necessary to post in this community of I can also post on my #hive account to get my content curated? @qurator

It is not necessary. We will look though different tags to find posts :)

Okay ;) Take care, Stay Blessed.

Amazing 💕

How do I undelegate my Steem?

You would have to ask someone in Steem. We don't know what tools are currently available there.