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RE: Will Hive stay a niche blockchain & cryptocurrency and die?

It's actually really fun to write quick/short posts; others might call "shit-posts".

I agree with you entirely. Just because someone invests a lot of money in Hive and then makes several dollars with irrelevant text and blurred, poorly photographed pictures, is against the normal market rules.

Don't get me wrong; I do that myself - who really has time to manually curate 10x per day? But even then, (even if you would only have to vote 1x per day) you will lose vs the bots & auto-votes in terms of curation.

If it were up to me, all bots could be abolished. Who is too lazy to give out votes himself should not profit!

Unless ofc, you're farming posts nobody else is going to curate, but that goes against the idea of PoB, where great content goes to the top. (Would you vote a post worth 80$, even though it deserves more rewards, knowing that your curation reward would be low?)

A resounding YES! I do not give my votes according to the principle of maximum profit. On the contrary, I decide what I like and I vote accordingly. If my yardstick were maximum profit, then I would invert my hive in BTC and the big 5 tech. on the US stock market.

The only valid argument I see from pro-reward pool peeps, is that they bring users to Hive. And while that's true, let's be real here: Hive will die as a failed blockchain project if we keep on being a niche blockchain.

I'm afraid I have to agree with that. Hive is still a dwarf compared to other platforms.

Hive's future looks much richer & stable if it's being marketed as a 2nd layer network blockchain with integrated smart-features, than a blockchain that pays people for content where most of it would go under on ANY other social platform. We've had 4+ years of that experience, IT DOES NOT WORK!

Hope dies in the end!

I landed at Hive almost exactly two and a half years ago.In practice, making money is hardly possible without investing money in Hive. I was also faced with the point of leaving the platform or taking some money in hand to give my vote a bit more weight. It feels like shit when you put a lot of heart and soul into a post and then neither a positive feedback nor adequate remuneration is given. At the same time a post without text with a bad picture gets several USD. Hard to understand. This must change in any case. No matter which content, this should always be in the foreground and less the person behind it!

We will definitely see a boom. The extent to which Hive will benefit from this will depend on user behavior and future changes.