The community has the power.
If HIVE is the product of community standing up against tyranny (real or perceived) then why don't people unite and start calling out the heads of this operation. And if anyone is under the illusion that "this is decentralised" then maybe that's the first step.

Break out of your cult mindset. You are allowed to question leaders. Also realize that this really works like an MLM. While it's not an exact MLM you must at the least realize that there is a tier system. And most.. are the bottom dwellers.

Just like in real society though. One bottom dweller pointing is insignificant. When they all point and demand recognition though.. a "leaders" time upon the top of that hierarchy is quite fragile and likely doomed.

In the case of HIVE.
It's not the iceberg that sinks the ship. It's that due to Missouri jumping ship, that ship will no longer have purpose or privilege to even dock into the category of "Social platform of Web-3.0" NO. You'll be welcomed actually, into the chronicles of past failures.