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RE: Will Hive stay a niche blockchain & cryptocurrency and die?

Your definition of "death" is so disheartening.

The rewards pool is integral to the Hive community. It's ingrained into our culture. We have entire projects which employ real people who spend their days curating posts. We have amazing artists, awesome writers, cool photographers, streamers, content creators of all sorts. If the rewards pool went away, that culture would go away, too. That's what death is to me. For you, it is different.

I have to give you one thing: you actually wear it on your sleeve that Hive is useless to you unless its value skyrockets and makes you rich. There are others who feel the same way but won't admit it, so, points for honesty there.

You might not care about all of this if you're a small stakeholder and just here for the free money, but I do care. I want Hive to succeed and thrive, because the potential is there.

Oh look, this argument again. I remember when I tried to have a civil debate about this and when all was said and done your argument boiled down to I have more stake than you do, so you don't know what you're talking about. Free money? Are you implying the people who spend their time creating content for Hive are not working for their rewards? They're doing more work than you ever did for yours. How insulting. Will you apologise to the countless content creators and curators whose work you just completely invalidated?

Listen. You made this fortune of yours by exploiting the reward pool you now see fit to eliminate. If that's an inflammatory way to put it, then so be it, but it's the truth. You saw an opportunity to socially engineer a flawed system to enrich yourself and you did so. Anything else is candy coating. And don't think I don't see others still doing the same damn thing too, even though their coating might be fake strawberry instead of fake banana flavour, it's all the same gooey horseshit centre.

That on its own is kinda meh, but it's whatever. After all, someone was going to do it, it might as well be you, right? And honestly, most people who are salty about bidbot operators getting rich are probably just sad they didn't get rich too, because humans are trash and tend to judge others for doing things they wish they did themselves.

The real disgrace is that now that you've got yours, and now that it's getting harder to effectively exploit it at a rate necessary to keep your current relative holdings compared to other stakeholders, you want to shut off the faucet and turn HIVE into your personal moon rocket by reducing its purpose to that of every other god damned crypto project, which is to load itself up with marketing buzzword terms like "second layer" and "smart features" and get suckers to buy in, driving the price higher.

This post is not the bona fide call to innovation you're making it out to be. This is the crab reaching the top of the bucket and doing all he can to put the lid on. You're tired of thinking long-term about Hive, because you're getting older and you're running out of time to wait for the moon. It's right there in your post:

We've had 4+ years of that experience, IT DOES NOT WORK!

It only "doesn't work" because you're not seeing the value go up. Hive is only "successful" in your terms if it grows, and I hate that. You don't care about Hive the community; Hive the people. You care about HIVE the token and how you can convince us all to sell out our community for your benefit. You're like the guy who moves into the perfect tiny village with the cutest vibe ever, buys a chunk of land and starts building shopping centres, tourist traps, and high-rises.

Can you stop?