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RE: Proposal: reduce Hive inflation by reducing curation rewards

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Content consumers hand over millions of dollars annually to content creators on platforms like Youtube, Twitch, etc.

All of these other platforms take a percentage of that money. If a consumer hands over $5, the creator doesn't get $5. Both the consumer and the creators lose money.

Here we have a platform where the consumer can spend the same amount of money, get a return, have their money back if they decide supporting creators isn't for them anymore; the creators get paid and the more they earn, the better their content becomes. The percentage that normally goes to the platform stays in the hands of creators and consumers. That helps guarantee a future. It's much like consumers are investing in both their favorite creators and ensuring those creators have a platform well into the future rather than being demonitized, banned, or shadowbanned. Consumers get paid to be entertained, get a return on their investment, and help ensure their favorites always have a venue.

Everywhere else on the internet when money is involved the consumers and creators all get screwed and have absolutely no say in business matters. Consumers and creators form a partnership but a middleman steps in, takes a percentage, calls the shots; in every case where someone got screwed over, nobody was happy. The creator no longer has a venue and the consumers are out all that money.

Hive is far more than just some run of the mill cryptocurrency project. It has the potential to appeal to millions of people. It has the potential to attract millions of dollars out of the pockets of regular folks who are not interested in crypto, but spend the money anyway.

Moving the goalposts because not many have figured out this potential or a way to sell the idea in order to attract the existing market; it's all a terrible idea. I've spent many years watching many overlook the true potential of a platform like this. There's not much interest in crypto, unfortunately. Shrinking the potential market so it only caters to a handful of people who might be interested in earning interest, for nothing, would be a step in the wrong direction.

If Hive wants to cater to those types, simply remove the interest from holding HP. Let people earn more for powering up and curating, since it takes some work and dedication to the platform, and has the potential to draw in millions annually from basic consumers. 50% now is fair but that percentage should actually increase if/when millions of consumers are on board, since the share would be spread out further. Make that savings account the place to earn on interest. It takes three days to quickly sell those funds. Make it one day. Leave the powerdown period as is, since that lengthy amount of time is what saved many of us from losing thousands when we came over from Steem.

Pardon my rambling response. It's been awhile since I stepped up to the keys...

P.S. Randomize the vote order at payout. There's enough money for development to cover the costs so someone can spend time doing something smart.


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