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RE: Will Hive stay a niche blockchain & cryptocurrency and die?

in Hive Improvement2 days ago (edited)

Investors here are shamed through blacklists and whitelists. Who would like to invest to be branded as scammer while the person is simply trying to max return for his/her investment. No other blockchain reprimand its investors like that.

Be investor friendly to save the blockchain.

I am happy to see that steem is free of blacklists tyranny.


Hive is not Hive.Blog or Peakd, but I do get your point. Hive stakeholders shouldn't have a civil war, but a unified goal.

No major blockchain has a concept of blacklisting its addresses. Claim that Hive is not Hive.Blog or Peakd ,in my opinion, is irrelevant when these are only platforms one can use to earn for the investment made and blacklists on these platforms are endorsed by some powerful whales on the blockchain.

Smart whales do everything possible to earn excessive returns by circumventing the visibility of their actions but innocent investors/users are punished for the similar kind of actions.

Simple staking based return to investors on layer-1, that now most blockchains are providing, is a much better solution to avoid all this negativity from the base layer. And let the tokens decide their own reward mechanism as they see fit in layer-2.

Hive need to improve on

  1. Witness voting
  2. inflation reduction
  3. Staking rewards
  4. No upvoting based rewards
  5. No downvoting and flagging
  6. increased trx cost
  7. no HBD