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I've recently made some updates to hive.io.

This primarily includes:

I want to thank @mahydiari and @good-karma for their input and feedback and ofc. everybody else who gave feedback.

There's still a bit more I've planned, mainly I want to redo the first part of the landing page (Fast, Scalable, Powerful. Hive Logo => too generic, every blockchain project says that. Want to put focus on the fact that Hive made blockchain history i.e.

1262786986013798400 and https://twitter.com/vitalikbuterin/status/1240605327122464768) but I'll need more time for planning/design. twitter metadata:bG9wcHx8aHR0cHM6Ly90d2l0dGVyLmNvbS9sb3BwL3N0YXR1cy8xMjYyNzg2OTg2MDEzNzk4NDAwIGFuZCBodHRwczovL3R3aXR0ZXIuY29tL3ZpdGFsaWtidXRlcmluL3N0YXR1cy8xMjQwNjA1MzI3MTIyNDY0NzY4KSBidXQgSSdsbCBuZWVkIG1vcmUgdGltZSBmb3IgcGxhbm5pbmcvZGVzaWduLnw= ~~~


I've first asked on GitLab who wants to be listed on there and got some fast replies, but then decided on at least adding TOP 30 Witnesses and those who are also actively working within the Hive ecosystem.



Please let me know if:

Changing Data

Hive.io is open-source and you can also add apps/contributors yourself (technical). Checkout the Readme on GitLab: https://gitlab.syncad.com/hive/hive-io/-/blob/master/README.md

Have a nice Sunday!

Hive On


Fantastic work! I think it's hugely valuable showing off the diverse team of cartoon avatars we have working on Hive 😂. But seriously, it is good to see how wide the effort is keeping this place free and open.

I think it's hugely valuable showing off the diverse team of cartoon avatars we have working on Hive 😂.

We also have a diverse team of "nice post", "good", "well done", "very informative", "amazing photo" and so on. :D

Lmao was thinking the same specially smooth who didnt even bother with a profile avatar and uses the generic one i mean diversity at is finest! 😂

I can at least put my hand on my heart and say my avatar was drawn from a picture of me (and a specific instruction to make me look like superman) by a professional cartoon artist who signed his work 🤣.

Clark Kent of London obviously but your super hero profile has nothing on the looks of pharesim black square he is the pretties of you all clearly.

hehe, I know what you mean.

I think sushi.com/team did their avatars/whole theme extremely well. But on the other hand, having so many "diverse" avatars shows that we're a basically just a decentralized group of individuals and not a centralized company.

Exactly. A whole load of corporate headshots done by the same photographer or graphic artist would be the exact opposite of who we are!

Cartoon avatars? I wouldn't know anything about that.

Great. In contributor tabs it would also be great to mention dapps which they founded. Overall great work.

Well fone, @therealwolf!

Much better, hats off!

Awesome work, would just like social to have all the tribes listed and not only a select few


Well done

Very cool! This is a huge boost to Hive and getting people to understand what it all offers as well as the possibilities of what still can be made.

@therealwolf Incredible job listing them all weldone 👏 I must say am amazed ☺😁

Hive ecosystem is currently one of the best blockchain ecosystem

those who are also actively working within the Hive ecosystem

I liked the part of each of the profile having a hyperlink connecting to the hive profile, anyone landing on this page from outside, can explore about these people. Would it make sense, if there could be some public commenting options ? Like if someone wants to ask the community on this page ?

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Nice. That's so thoughtful of you. Weldone

Very good job, thanks a lot. Curious for more in the future. Hive on, Al

Congrats this was the most viewed post on all of https://peakd.com/ 4 days after it was released