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I’m excited to announce the rebrand of the company developing the Koinos blockchain from OpenOrchard to Koinos Group. This company has come a long way since we chose the name OpenOrchard, and so much has changed. Our mission remains the same; to empower people through ownership of their digital selves and we believe that the Koinos blockchain will be our not-so-secret weapon for accomplishing this mission.

When we began this journey, we honestly didn’t know exactly what we were building. We knew that developers weren’t getting what they needed from existing protocols. We understood many of the architectural issues with Graphene, EOSIO, and Ethereum. We believed that our unique experience, and unique knowledge could give us a competitive advantage. We had some ideas about what we could do differently in an attempt to deliver a blockchain that would finally be able to break out of the blockchain bubble and into the mainstream. But we didn’t know exactly what that blockchain would ultimately look like or even what it would be named.

The Koinos Brand

Over the course of our journey not only were we able to come up with solutions to all of the problems we wanted to solve, but we were also able to find a name that we absolutely loved. We had been considering potential names for weeks until Michael and Steve, two of our co-founders and blockchain architects, proposed Koinos and the instant we heard it we all knew that this would be the name of our blockchain.

Needless to say, we love the Koinos brand and believe it has the potential to be recognized globally. Our company name and brand should work together with that of the blockchain to enhance it and expand its reach even further, not to compete with it for attention. We believe that Koinos Group serves that purpose well.

Aside from the name and branding, nothing else is changing. It’s the same great team pursuing the same great mission. But this rebrand will also give us an opportunity to rethink the image we present to the world.

Business Focused

While we remain developer obsessed, there is a flip-side to that coin which we hope to express in our new brand design. Koinos is being built to deliver the tools that developers need to rapidly build amazing blockchain-based applications that can serve as a foundation for a great business.

Older blockchains had to be fully constructed before the team could begin to solicit feedback from developers and entrepreneurs. That’s why most don’t seem to have even bothered.

There are primarily two reasons for this. The first is technological constraints, specifically the lack of modular upgradeability. The second is their desire to acquire a large amount of capital before having to demonstrate product-market fit by launching an ICO. Launching with more features enables them to raise more money, even if the features aren’t necessarily what developers will really need to build amazing applications. Then they use these funds to attempt to persuade developers and businesses that the choices that were already made were the right ones. Problem is that's just not how product-market fit is found.

This approach enables projects to construct a facade of adoption, but eventually that facade crumbles as developers and businesses burn through their funding and realize that eventually you need a sustainable business with paying customers.

But Koinos was built to be different. Thanks to modular upgradeability it’s easy for us to integrate feedback at every stage of the development process ... and even after the launch of mainnet! And we intentionally avoided an ICO so that our incentives would be perfectly aligned with stakeholders, developers, and entrepreneurs. We will all be building Koinos together, and as it gets better, and better, and better, that value will accrue to every stakeholder.

Influence Koinos

Of course the most critical component is the feedback! So if you, or someone you know, is looking to integrate blockchain technology into their application or business, Koinos Group is presenting you with a very unique opportunity; to get involved in a blockchain during the design phase, not after all of the important decisions have already been made.

If you’re interested, e-mail us at [email protected] or contact us through social media.

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Good luck on your new project man but I'm curious..
Why did you give up on HIVE?

I would love an explanation on that from you @andrarchy. Just out of curiosity, no hard feelings.

I am building a KOIN stash and feel very good about the project.

Thanks for the vote of confidence! I think it's a misconception that we gave up on Hive. That's like saying I gave up on Bitcoin and Ethereum when I chose to work on Steem, which is certainly not how I see it! We didn't give up on Hive, we built the necessary foundation for a more upgradeable and sustainable future for both Hive and every other dApp out there. Hive will be able to migrate to Koinos. Imagine how much faster Hive will be able to improve once hardforks are no longer necessary. Not only that, but totally different voting and governance systems could be implemented in parallel on top of the same content database.

How can moving on Koinos be possible? Staking hive provides RCs to use the blockchain but obviously if moving to koinos staking Koin will be needed instead.

This destroys the whole hive use-case, which is just that.

It will be possible :)

When we began this journey, we honestly didn’t know exactly what we were building.

HIVE perhaps?

Of course the most critical component is the feedback!

Am not a dev, therefore no technical feedback. Any chain needs more than tech. In its eco system a need exists to support devs to bring their technology to the market. Would be great if you guys can build a support system to devs to help great ideas to be transformed in successful services. Think of devs as a startups company. Many of these are supported by startup accelerators. It are the services provided by startup accelerators that can support great ideas by devs and other creative people to make a tremendous success of a chain.

At this time, given my focus and lack of developer chops, all I can suggest is to ensure users are not faced with technical hurdles to use the apps and platforms Koinos facilitates, while also so decentralizing that censorship is not facilitated.

Society births culture and economy, so best facilitating human people will best enable commercial enterprise and branding.


Agree 100%. Key to delivering pleasant end user experiences is universality. When every developer is forced to develop their own user facing solutions, even when they do a good job, user experience still suffers because there is friction moving between apps with different solutions. That's why we intend to develop these solutions for developers so that end users can get both pleasant user experiences and consistency across applications while maintaining decentralization and security.